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Cameras and the Kaizen Blitz

A Kaizen Blitz is a short-term project focused on improvement of a single process, work center, or product line. It is designed to give an immediate, sustained benefit to the organization, and requires process analysis, planning, re-arrangement of equipment, and training of workers. Value Stream Mapping, including the current state map and future state map, …

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The Hamilton Joes on Foundation Field

Lessons from a Summer Collegiate Team Ballpark Security Camera Installation

Last month, Camera Security Now installed a new surveillance camera system in the ballpark for the summer collegiate league team-the Hamilton Joes. In addition to being hometown to the Joes, the city of Hamilton is the   governmental center of Butler County, Ohio. This Cincinnati suburb is a designated National Historic District. German immigrants settled here …

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Security Cameras and Theft Deterrent

The main function of a security camera systems is to survey and collect evidence of illegal activities if they are to occur. A side benefit of security cameras is that they are capable of deterring criminals. Here’s an imaginary example, if a potential burglar sees that your house has a security camera on your front …

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Protecting Your Home with Residential Security Camera Systems

If you own a home, I would recommend installing a residential security camera system. Home ownership is costly, but just because you pay a lot of money to own your house does not mean that criminals will respect that. In other words, your belongings may not be safe in your own home. If you need …

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Misconceptions Surrounding Low Light Surveillance

A normal security camera may not be able to capture clear and sharp footage in every situation. For example, you may not want a camera which requires a properly lit environment to be recording outside your building at night. This is important because if the outside area you are monitoring is improperly lit, a burglar …

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Vandal Proofing Your Security Camera System

While security systems are easily capable of catching crucial images needed for making sure justice is served properly, they are often set up in places which get the best possible image and field of view. Often times this can leave security cameras quite easy to spot, and depending on how aggressive the future criminals that …

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Parking Lot Security Cameras and Hit-and-Runs

While it was well and dandy to dream for a white Christmas, now that the Christmas season is finally over ‘tis the season for hazardous driving conditions in many northern States. This time of the year is notorious for bringing in school delays and car accidents. While school delays have a positive effect on kids, …

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7 Things You Need to Know About Obtaining Admissible Video Surveillance Footage

Within days of the July 2005 bombings on London’s subway and bus system, authorities had identified the bombers, retraced their paths, and detained suspected accomplices thanks in part to footage from London’s elaborate public video surveillance system. While the cameras did not prevent the attacks, their value in the subsequent investigation has reinvigorated movements, both …

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Phoenix Gas Station Robbed on Camera

Gas stations are crucial in our modern lifestyles, and many gas stations inside of the United States double as convenience stores. It is because of this that owners should have twice the enthusiasm to protect their gas stations with surveillance systems. Many gas station owners turn to security systems to deter theft, and in worst-case scenarios …

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