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Secure Your DVR or NVR!

Your DVR or NVR box is the heart of your security system – receiving data, converting that data to a file, and storing your surveillance video for safety, loss-prevention, and compliance purposes. As the lifeblood of your security apparatus, securing your DVR or NVR is a must. We previously provided advice on the top spots …

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Common Reasons & Solutions For Video Loss With Security Cameras

When you set up surveillance cameras it’s because you need to keep an eye on things. Either internally in your organization or externally on your property. So, it can be a big deal if those cameras stop working. And it’s important to find out why and to find out quickly. We’ve put together a list …

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RAID and Long Term Video Storage

There are many reasons an organization may want to retain video footage for a long period of time: OSHA recordable incidents, workers compensation claims, first report of incident (FROI) review, maintenance and operational reviews, theft or vandalism investigation, just to name a few. Depending on state, industry, or other corporate requirements, video retention may be …

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“Carjackers” & Car Dealership Security Systems

Car dealerships have an extraordinary amount of potential income sitting still on their properties. Given the amount of money on the line, all car dealerships should have security systems in place to ensure financial stability in the event of vandalism or theft. If you for some reason believe car lots are immune to criminals, here …

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Video Calls Between Customers Make Everything Easier

How Video Calls Expedite Customer Interactions

I work for a company that sells and installs security camera systems nationwide. It’s not always easy, because every job and every location is completely different, and there are only a few things that are the same every time. We only have one office, located just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio. So you can see where …

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Camera Security Now Dahua 4K NVR is Winner of NVR Secutech Excellence Award 2015

The contest stimulated real working environment and tested cameras under a series of real world criteria and then polled industry professionals to determine what models represent the best in each environment. The Camera Security Now Dahua 128 Channel 4K NVR – Learn More NVR winner sold by Camera Security Now supports 128 cameras with max …

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