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Your DVR or NVR box is the heart of your security system – receiving data, converting that data to a file, and storing your surveillance video for safety, loss-prevention, and compliance purposes. As the lifeblood of your security apparatus, securing your DVR or NVR is a must. We previously provided advice on the top spots to hide your box to prevent thieves from stealing it. While that article contained some great tips, we now realize that the jig is up – we gave away our secrets to potential intruders at your business. We want to make sure that we help you keep your DVR or NVR box secure, so read on for our advice on how to protect your box even if a thief makes their way into your building.

Protect Your Lockers

Locker or Safe Box

The simplest way to keep your NVR secure is to get serious about protection with a locker or safe box. These molded gauge steel boxes are built to withstand brute force attacks and limit access to your footage. Only those associates that have keys to the safe box will be able to access the main settings of your device. You don’t have to worry about accidental or intentional shutdowns of the unit or erasure of valuable video files. When bolted to a beam or stud, safe boxes provide a simple and effective means of preventing the theft of your DVR while also preventing unauthorized access by employees.

Access controlGet Access Control Today!

The ultimate in NVR protection, a locked room with an equipped access control system provides a log of every time your NVR storage area is accessed and by whom. You decide who received access to specific areas and can even limit entrance into the DVR area to specific times of the day. This can be particularly important if your business runs a second or third shift when senior-level IT or security personnel aren’t onsite. Whether you opt for a key card, voice reader, code entry, or biometric entry, an access control system provides an extra layer of protection for your NVR that prevents strangers from slipping in undetected.

Backup systems

Want another layer of security? We can also provide a second hidden or secure network attached storage (NAS) device. Or you can make it essentially impossible for any intruder to destroy or steal your security camera footage by using high-speed internet connections to establish a Cloud backup solution. Our team of expert technicians is happy to discuss which backup system makes the most sense for you.Backup Systems

Protecting your security footage

A security camera system with a DVR or NVR is a significant investment for any company. You want to protect the security of your products, employees, equipment, real estate, and customers. Taking steps to protect your DVR from theft and interference will help protect your investment while ensuring you meet your security needs.

With more than 30 years of experience, can answer any questions you have about surveillance cameras and securing your DVR or NVR. Get a quote for all of your security camera needs.

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