Preventing Your DVR Or NVR From Being Stolen

Security Tip of the Day: Enough Is Never Enough
When it comes to the safety of your family and guarding precious valuables, enough is security is hardly enough. We don’t want you to believe that everyone is out to get you and your family but there are a select few people who will and prey of the unexpected. But you should be prepared for a break in of some sort. There is no full proof way to prevent a burglar but taking the extra steps can help prevent a break in.

Product Spotlight: High Speed IP PTZ
Here at Camera Security Now, we receive customers that want a powerful camera outside of their commercial building for many reasons. Most are because they have large areas they want to cover, which includes, parking lots, construction sites, and warehouse floors. This camera is a perfect choice for their needs. It includes a high rate of zoom that can see more than 5 miles away! The best application I have seen for this particular camera, was when it was mounted to the side of a grocery store and was used to watch their gas station at the end of the parking lot. This camera has some power which can be easily controlled at your desk, smartphone, or tablet.

Story Of The Day: Hiding Your DVR Or NVR
When you own a camera system, the issue you may come across is, ‘what if someone steals my box?’ This can be a real factor especially if you are dealing with a smart burglar or thief. Your DVR or NVR box is used to receive data, convert data to a file, and store that file on a hard drive. The easiest, and cost effective way to prevent your footage from being stolen, is to hide the box somewhere in the building or home. Camera Security Now can configure your system to be viewed remotely so you don’t need to be able to see the box 100% of the time. You can store the box in a safe place and view all your cameras on your other PC, a tablet, or smartphone. But where are some good places to hide the box?

The Closet
The easiest place to hide your box is in the closet. If you have access to store the box on the top shelf of your closet and be able to hide it and the wires, no one would ever know. The closet is the simplest area to hide it because you can still have easy access to the box but no one will ever know it was in there. 

The Ceiling
Hiding your DVR or NVR in the ceiling is not as crazy as it sounds. If all your cameras were mounted to the building, most of the networking cable is probably being ran through the ceiling. All you would have to do is place it in there with all the cable. This method could save you time on installation and money. One issue found with this method is the amount of heat stored in the ceiling or attic.  Also, if for some reason your DVR or NVER were to overheat, or suffer a catastrophic failure, like any piece of electronics could do, you risk a fire hazard that could go unnoticed until it was too late. You’ll just have to take a look in your home or business and see if leaving the DVR or NVR up there is a safe idea. 

Secret Walls And Floors
Another neat way to hide your box is to build a secret cabinet to store your box. You can make secret walls and floors in your home that will hide a box, and even other valuables as well. The best way to get some thoughts on this is just to Youtube other peoples’ ideas and create something of your own.

Closing Thoughts
If you are in a situation where you have a home break in and you want to be able to have footage of the break in to show the authorities, you want to hide your box. Hiding your box will allow you to still access your storage files. We recommend you find a safe place to hide your DVR or NVR to prevent a smart criminal from taking that with them. Some people have even used a dummy box that wasn’t working anymore to distract someone from taking the right one. Like the security tip of the day says, enough is never enough when it comes to your protection. 

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