Use Security Cameras to Review Equipment Utilization

You may have chosen to install security cameras to ensure the safety of your employees and physical workplace, but you can use those same cameras for so much more. Companies have millions of dollars invested in capital equipment to produce their goods. Why not use your security cameras as an eye in the sky to help evaluate significant capital expenditure requests? Read on to learn more about how your security cameras can help you with more than just security.

Use Security Cameras to Review Equipment Utilization

Understand your equipment needs

To help your business run efficiently, you need to provide your employees with the right equipment. Since the people who make the decisions on high price purchases often aren’t on the plant floor day-in and day-out with employees, so they rely on the recommendations of their front line managers. Sometimes what seems like a shortness of equipment is actually the result of inefficient use of your existing stock of machinery, and other times there truly is a shortage. Without objective data on equipment utilization, you are forced to rely on anecdotal evidence from the shop floor.

Let’s take this example: A shift manager reports that a new forklift is needed to meet production. Your security camera footage can be audited to see how frequently your current forklifts are used and how much time is lost to waiting for a forklift to become available. If your audit finds that significant time is lost due to downtime, you can make your new forklift purchase with confidence that it will help increase work production. However, you may also find that you just need to implement a more efficient pattern of use with your existing equipment, or that the wait time for your existing forklift is being overstated by shift manager. Regardless of what you find, your decision to purchase or not to purchase is backed up with hard evidence.

Stay Up To Date On Your Equipment

Keep an eye on aging machinery

If your existing equipment is beginning to show its age, you can put your security camera system to work monitoring equipment downtime. You can use real data to determine if additional maintenance on existing equipment is the right choice, or if it may be time to start thinking about replacing older machinery. You’ll be able to identify which machines take up the most time for your maintenance teams and be better prepared when scheduled planned maintenance. You can also audit your maintenance teams to ensure they are keeping up on all of the maintenance that is required. Again, rather than relying on word of mouth, you have the ability to evaluation the situation for yourself.

Cameras provide more than just security

Security cameras for management review can be a significant investment for your company, so you need to make sure that you get the most out of your purchase. Office staff and an interns can review the footage for you and track all of the times when a piece of equipment is being utilized, down for maintenance, or when an employee is waiting for equipment to become available. Utilizing your security cameras to track the usage of machinery and equipment can help you ensure that your company is performing at peak production and help you know when to make a significant expenditure.

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