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4K security cameras and installation

What to look for when buying a 4k security camera

The world of IP surveillance systems has a new benchmark: 4K security cameras. Also known as 8-megapixel (8MP), 2020’s benchmark resolution for high-quality security cameras deliver crystal clear quality and the ability to capture even the smallest details like faces and license plates from a great distance away. Exhibiting 3840 x 2160 resolution, 4K surveillance cameras deliver about four times …

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Impound Lot Security

Impound Lot Security Upgrade

When you think of a facility designed to hold evidence valuable to police investigations you might imagine a secure area indoors that is well guarded. While that might normally be the case for much of the evidence gathered by police departments that is not the case for vehicular evidence stored within impound lots. These expansive, …

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DORI Distance, security camera placement for businesses

Does your security installer factor in DORI Distance?

Does your security camera technician keep DORI distance in mind during the installation process? Detection Observation Recognition Identification DORI distance is the general proximity of space necessary for a security camera to distinguish a person or object within the device’s field of view. To put it simply, you need to place and configure your security …

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Axis, Uniview, Dahua

What is the Best Security Camera System for My Business?

With so many different options to choose from – currently over 45 major brands of security cameras readily available online – it can be overwhelming to make a decision for your business. If you choose wrong, you may find yourself with an unreliable, inadequate system, to address your business’s surveillance needs. Or possibly worse, you …

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Thermal Cameras

Thermal Cameras for Faster, Safer COVID-19 Temperature Monitoring

Is your business worried about the spread of COVID-19? In order to support the fight against the novel coronavirus, we are now offering Thermal Security Cameras. Many companies, like Amazon, have already started using thermal cameras at their operations facilities to ease the process of screening employees for a fever that may be related to the …

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Axis High Quality Wide Dynamic Range

Capture Better Video with Axis WDR Security Cameras

Capturing security camera footage in high-contrast lighting conditions can be a challenge. Traditional security cameras can struggle to capture usable video when both dimly and brightly lit areas are present in the camera’s field of view. However, wide dynamic range (WDR) technology improves a camera’s ability to capture details clearly in both poorly and strongly …

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Residential Security Camera Installation in SW Ohio

Keeping your home safe with a residential security camera system is an important way to protect the investment you made in your home. While many big-box and online stores offer low-cost options for security cameras, leaving the security of your home to a DIY system can be risky. Camera Security Now offers the cameras, quality, …

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Uniview WDR Security Camera Solutions

Founded in 2005, security camera behemoth Uniview (UNV) has upped its game in recent months by introducing its line of wide dynamic range (WDR) security camera solutions. By allowing cameras to move beyond previous limitations posed by difficult light conditions, these ultra-smart, ultra-high-resolution WDR solutions offer businesses, schools, and other industries the opportunity to better …

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