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Correct and Incorrect Usage of Dummy Security Cameras

Most companies like cutting spending wherever possible, but please don’t start cutting your budget with security. Some businesses will resort to only fielding dummy (fake) security cameras in order to save money, but this is not a completely reliable way to protect your business. There is a time and place for everything, and dummy security …

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Gas Station Theft Prevention

The importance of security cameras in today’s society can not be easily expressed. However, something everyone can agree on is that they want their workplace to feel secure. Security cameras are a vital part of workplace security, and one industry that knows this very well is the oil industry. Shoplifting is a very prevalent crime …

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How To Evaluate Your Neighborhood’s Safety

Security Tip of the Day: Trust your instincts on your safety Sometimes your gut feeling is the best feeling you can trust. Learn to know when you are uncomfortable. Product Spotlight:3 Mega Pixel Armor Dome IP Camera This little dome camera can be used inside and out due to its weather-proof coating. Besides its’ great video …

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