Hide Spare Keys From Burglars

We all know the basic key hiding routines of hiding it under the door mat, taped inside the mailbox, under flowerpots and rocks, or even hiding them in fake rocks. Unfortunately, this is a trick that every home invader knows all too well and creates a dangerous situation for you.  We all should hide a spare key around in case we lock ourselves out of the house, or even in case a family member needs inside while you are not home. But how can you keep your home safe and still have an easily accessible spare key for your home? We will discuss new alternatives to hiding your spare key.

Get To Know The Neighbors

Everyone enjoys nice and respectful neighbors and some of us are very social with our neighbors. If you feel like you have a neighbor you can trust, ask if they will hold onto a spare key for you. This does add the risk of others having access to your home so make sure you are wise on your choice of neighbor. Also, if you do have friends, neighbors, or family with your spare keys, keep the pool of trusted people small to prevent issues with trust.

Try Underground 

Another alternative to hide a spare key is to hide it in a pill bottle and bury it a couple inches underground in an easy access location. You will want to hide the container a couple of inches underground, easy enough to dig out, but not noticeable to home invaders. Some people glue rocks, pine cones, or other natural debris on top of the pill bottle to make it easier to find and pull out of the ground.

Use Your Car

The most genius method of hiding your spare key involves using your car. You don’t want to keep a spare key in your car because if someone breaks into your car, they can break into your home. But you can use the license plate to hide the spare key behind. It is pretty simple, you’ll just need to have a key with a key hole big enough to put a screw in. Remove a couple of screws that hold your license plate, put the key behind the screw hole and screw the license plate and key to your car.

Closing Thoughts

We have all locked ourselves out of the house and realize we should have an easy access to a spare key, then we consider climbing in through the window. But we want to make sure our homes are still secure with a spare key out and available somewhere. Keeping your spare key available to only trustworthy people will help keep security at a high and your risk at a minimum.

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