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Kyle Stamper

Misleading Surveillance Video Exposed

In a recent surveillance video in Massachusetts showed a Transportation Authority detective pulling a man out of the tracks and saving his life. The detective was praised as a hero, until the full video was released. As shown in the video below, the detective does pull the man out but then starts punching him in the …

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Store Clerk Fights Off Robbers And Saves Store

        A local tobacco store clerk saved the store by fighting back with the robbers. Zara Adil was working that night when two robbers slowly walk into the store. One robber makes his way to the back of the counter and threatens Zara to open the register and give them the money. The …

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Gas Station Clerk Robbed & Threatened To Be Set On Fire

A local Florida gas station was robbed, not at gun point but with lighter fluid. A man barges into the gas station and dousing the clerk in lighter fluid and threatening to set him on fire if he doesn’t give him money. Luckily the clerk was not hurt and the whole event was caught on …

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You Never Know What You’ll See

Surveillance cameras can be use secure your home or office building. Surveillance cameras are typically watched to catch thieves or kids marking graffiti but some times you just catch some interesting people. A police station has released video of a woman throwing pork products to the customer desk in their station. Though it is not reported …

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