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Cameras and the Kaizen Blitz

A Kaizen Blitz is a short-term project focused on improvement of a single process, work center, or product line. It is designed to give an immediate, sustained benefit to the organization, and requires process analysis, planning, re-arrangement of equipment, and training of workers. Value Stream Mapping, including the current state map and future state map, …

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security camera watching a manufacturing plant

Security Cameras for Process Improvement

All manufacturing facilities have sensitive areas where access is restricted, and certain procedures must be followed. Areas surrounding high voltage or automated equipment, high-value inventory storage areas, 5S red tag areas, and areas housing sensitive data or infrastructure, such as server rooms, all need to be monitored with manufacturing security cameras or cameras for process …

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School Access Control Systems and Security Cameras

  Over the last decade more and more schools have been trying to improve their security. School safety is a huge concern in local communities, and sadly there is good reason for this concern.   I am just going to be blunt, everything is not awesome in the world. Don’t get me wrong, there’s still …

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Winter Shutdowns and Monthly Security Checkups

Winter is coming, which for some manufacturers means that a winter or year-end shutdown is just around the corner. If you have extra money in the budget at the end of the year, or if you’ve been on the fence about getting additional security cameras for your manufacturing facility, an end year shutdown is a …

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Three Bizarre Crimes Solved by Security Cameras

One of the key purposes of security cameras is to provide evidence to help solve crimes. Because security camera systems are almost constantly recording, and also because people are interesting, security camera footage has been used to help solve some pretty odd crimes. Here are three bizarre crimes which were solved with the help of …

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The Hamilton Joes on Foundation Field

Lessons from a Summer Collegiate Team Ballpark Security Camera Installation

Last month, Camera Security Now installed a new surveillance camera system in the ballpark for the summer collegiate league team-the Hamilton Joes. In addition to being hometown to the Joes, the city of Hamilton is the   governmental center of Butler County, Ohio. This Cincinnati suburb is a designated National Historic District. German immigrants settled here …

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Security Cameras and Theft Deterrent

The main function of a security camera systems is to survey and collect evidence of illegal activities if they are to occur. A side benefit of security cameras is that they are capable of deterring criminals. Here’s an imaginary example, if a potential burglar sees that your house has a security camera on your front …

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