How To Evaluate Your Neighborhood’s Safety

Security Tip of the Day: Trust your instincts on your safety

Sometimes your gut feeling is the best feeling you can trust. Learn to know when you are uncomfortable.

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Story Of The Day: Neighborhood Safety

Yesterday we covered what you should do when you see you’ve had a break-in your home our business. But how could you help prevent that from happening in the first place? If you are currently looking for property, you will want to take these steps to help you decide if your new home or business will be safe.

Look For Community Surveillance 
This step is more for residential communities but can be applied to a local business. We live in a world where no where is safe. If your new property is in a low wage community, you can see plenty of petty crime to gang wars in your front yard. Even if you live in a higher end community, you could have what criminals want or can sell. Your first step is to look into seeing if your community has a neighborhood watch or safety patrol. These are great resources to have in your local area because they help prevent criminals.

Survey The Area 
One of the best ways to judge a neighborhood is to get a good survey of the area for yourself. We recommend taking a walk in the neighborhood both in the day and at night. There is no one better to judge if you will feel safe but yourself. You should always trust your gut and ask yourself, “Do I feel safe?” There are a couple key things you should look out for, first being streetlights. You should take note of how many streetlights are in the neighborhood and if there are any dark areas that you wouldn’t walk down by yourself. Next, how many patrol cars do you see. This tip is a bit tricky because just because you see one patrol car every block does not mean you are in a safe neighborhood. The extra security probably means you should turn around and head back to your car. But the lack of patrol cars is an issue as well. This means that this particular neighborhood has the potential of crime due to the lack of security.

Protect Your Property
Don’t believe a safe neighborhood with a safe home. Even the safest neighborhoods can become prone to crime in their own way. We recommend adding extra security to your home to deter unwanted company from your home. can help you protect your home, because we don’t just sell cameras, we provide peace at mind.

Closing Thoughts
When looking for new property, whether it be residential or commercial, you should consider the neighborhood’s safety. We recommend using the steps listed above to help prevent any issues with bad company in your neighborhood. Unfortunately, every neighborhood is at risk and we would recommend protecting your home in any way available for your own safety.

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