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Camera Security Now is Still Open and Able to Help Protect your Business!

With the currently ongoing coronavirus epidemic, many businesses have opted to shut down their premises to abide by state shut down orders and in order to protect their employees from contracting and spreading COVID-19. Not all businesses have shut down though – including our own. That’s right, we’re still open. If your company wants to get …

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Empty manufacturing plant

Seasonal Shutdowns and Security Cameras

Ensure worker safety without disrupting production Many manufacturing plants plan seasonal shutdowns each year for a variety of reasons, including conducting preventative maintenance and installing new equipment. With careful planning and execution, seasonal shutdowns can be a prime time for completing significant projects such as security camera installation. By placing camera installation during shutdown periods, …

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Combat School Bullying with Security Cameras

October is National Bullying Prevention Month School bullying is a significant problem throughout the country and occurs across all school-age groups. Providing a safe learning environment, free from the stresses and dangers of bullying, is a must to facilitate academic success and help children grow. School security cameras can not only help stop bullying as …

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Government Employees Sleeping On The Job

The California State Auditor recently released their July 2018 report on Investigations of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees.  Contained in this report is one particularly frustrating example of misuse of state time- sleeping on the job. A worker spent at least 2,200 hours of work time sleeping at her desk at the Department …

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security camera in an office building

Keep an Eye on Your Regional Offices

  Overseeing multiple regional offices and the staff that works within those offices can be a tricky prospect. Although you likely have supervisors or managers on-site in each location, you may want the opportunity to personally monitor daily operations to ensure that your employees are performing their jobs appropriately. Office security cameras can bring you …

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Nationwide Installation and Service

Thanks to the Tech Army, Camera Security Now can provide the same great service and security camera installation nationwide. We’ve been in business since 1998, have seen everything, and been everywhere. Here’s a map of all of our service locations since we started our company: Just kidding! That’s only the last 6 years, and yes, …

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Protecting IP Security Cameras from Hackers

  There have been some alarming news stories of hackers gaining access to networks and controlling camera feeds via wireless security cameras. Most notably are compromised baby monitors where parents have witnessed the camera moving on its own and unknown voices speaking to them and/or their child through the speakers. Scary and creepy, but also …

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manufacturing facility security camera

Reducing Inventory Shrinkage With Security Cameras

Any items that leave your warehouse without being paid for is called inventory shrinkage, and it directly affects your bottom line. Stop that shrinkage from employee theft, damage and items being stored improperly or where they can’t be easily found and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your company’s cash flow and P&L statement. One …

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School Surveillance Systems and Security

Throughout the United States, over 1 million school children have reported being the victim of crime at school. Theft, violence, or other bullying are the most prevalent issues that are being reported. During the last year, approximately 10% of male high school students have reported being threatened and even injured by a weapon when on …

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