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Protecting IP Security Cameras from Hackers

  There have been some alarming news stories of hackers gaining access to networks and controlling camera feeds via wireless security cameras. Most notably are compromised baby monitors where parents have witnessed the camera moving on its own and unknown voices speaking to them and/or their child through the speakers. Scary and creepy, but also …

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Outdoor Wireless IR IP Cameras

The Outdoor Wireless Infrared IP Camera has many more capabilities and advantages over standard wired camera devices. This camera can communicate wirelessly with any standard 802.11/g wireless devices allowing tons of flexibility when installing and operating the camera. The camera also uses encryption methods and password protection to protect your wireless network from unwanted intrusions. …

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Wireless CCTV With PTZ And Audio

If you have ever looked into serious industrial grade wireless security camera products you will appreciate the value that this CCTV wireless transmission system brings to the market. Both the Shepherd SH-200 and Shepherd SH-600 are truly revolutionary for their low cost wirelless CCTV price points. Offering an all-in-one Digital 5.9Ghz Audio Video Transmission System …

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