Help Keep Your Community Safe

Have you noticed how police are increasingly asking for assistance from the public when it comes to solving crimes occurring on our streets, in parks and even parking lots? With policing budgets stretched to the limit, our men and women in blue need our help to keep the bad guys and gals off our streets. The good news is that law enforcement agencies across the country and beyond have realized there’s a not-so-secret weapon they can use to catch criminals – it’s the footage from business security cameras and even residential security cameras.


That’s right – if you have a parking lot camera or any other type of outdoor security camera, you’re not just practicing sound crime prevention for your own business, you’re actually a part of a larger effort to both deter criminals and bring them to justice. After all, the police can’t be everywhere all at once – but having law-abiding citizens on their side helps those who serve to get an upper hand against those who have no respect for the law or innocent members of our community.


Chances are good you already know that simply having outdoor security cameras installed can go a long way towards preventing property crimes at your company such as theft or vandalism. What you might not have realized is the power that a simple parking lot camera can have over everyone from drunk drivers to wanted felons.

Catching Criminals ‘In The Act’

Here at Camera Security Now, we’re passionate about protecting people and property against loss, damage, and violent acts. We’re proud of the fact that our business security cameras have stood steadfast as silent witnesses to everything from assaults to cases where a wanted criminal has been caught roaming the streets.  Just this month we assisted the Ohio Highway Patrol out with an investigation of a hit-and-run that put the victim in the hospital.

On any given day, a parking lot camera can capture crystal-clear, full-color footage of a hit-and-run crash; child abduction; drug trafficking; and even domestic abuse. Unfortunately, parking lots tend to attract a lot of lowlifes and criminal types simply because there are rarely reliable witnesses available to contact the police and testify in court – that’s why having one or more business security cameras aimed at public spaces like parking lots is such an effective tool against crime.


When security cameras are installed overlooking sidewalks, streets, and other public spaces, suddenly those spaces are no longer controlled by the criminals – those spaces are back in the hands of law-abiding community members and the police. Simply having cameras keeping watch is a powerful act of public service – one that lets your customers, employees, and the police know that you’re on their side.

What Are You Doing To Make Your Community A Safer Place?

As more and more companies install business security cameras, law enforcement agencies are counting on those cameras to combat criminals and maintain law and order in our neighborhoods. Why not do your part to help keep your community safe by installing a parking lot camera or a couple of business security cameras aimed at the public spaces surrounding your business?


Remember, you don’t need to wear a uniform to help make your community a better place – we all have a role to play in crime prevention.


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