Seasonal Shutdowns and Security Cameras

Ensure worker safety without disrupting production

Many manufacturing plants plan seasonal shutdowns each year for a variety of reasons, including conducting preventative maintenance and installing new equipment. With careful planning and execution, seasonal shutdowns can be a prime time for completing significant projects such as security camera installation. By placing camera installation during shutdown periods, you can ensure that you are protecting your workplace while minimizing disruptions to your production schedule. Learn more about why seasonal shutdowns are the ideal time for completing your security camera installation project.



Limit disruptions

Scheduling the installation of security cameras during seasonal shutdowns allows you to minimize costs and inconvenience to your workforce. By selecting a security camera installation partner who has experience completing work during shutdown periods, you ensure that work will be completed efficiently, quickly, and successfully.

After conducting a site visit and drawing up your camera coverage map,’s team will plan the installation prior to the shutdown of your facility to ensure that all work is completed before your plant reopens. While installation can occur at any time, doing so during a shutdown period allows the work to take place with no disruption to production and avoids potential delays in areas that might be inaccessible during regular work periods.

Protect your business

By installing security cameras throughout your plant, you are taking a necessary step to protect the valuable inventory and equipment at your work site. Prominently displayed security cameras discourage theft and vandalism. In the event of a break-in, your surveillance cameras can help police identify the perpetrators and prosecute them.

Ongoing safety

Not only do security cameras protect your equipment and inventory they can also help make the workplace safer for your employees. When placed in areas with high incidents of accidents, security cameras can help your safety team identify steps that need to be taken to limit harm to employees. Stored video can also be used to help protect your company from frivolous lawsuits or to support an employee’s workers’ compensation claim. has more than 30 years of plant security camera installation experience and our expert technicians can answer any questions you may have about securing your business. Get a quote for all of your plant security camera needs.

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