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After cabling repairs

Cabling: Troubleshooting Security Camera Cable Failure

Whether you’re installing a brand new system yourself, troubleshooting or adding cameras onto an existing security system, or, more commonly, having an experienced security camera installer put in a system, it’s important to know about different types of cabling used in various situations of security camera installation. What kinds of cabling work with which security …

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5+ Reasons Why Your Business Needs Security Cameras

Every 12 seconds in the United States, on average, there is a burglary. Burglaries in the U.S. lead to over $3.4 billion in property and personal loss annually, according to crime statistics from the FBI. The best deterrent for burglary is equipping your business with a security system, which can range in cost and performance …

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DORI Distance, security camera placement for businesses

Does your security installer factor in DORI Distance?

Does your security camera technician keep DORI distance in mind during the installation process? Detection Observation Recognition Identification DORI distance is the general proximity of space necessary for a security camera to distinguish a person or object within the device’s field of view. To put it simply, you need to place and configure your security …

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Uniview WDR Security Camera Solutions

Founded in 2005, security camera behemoth Uniview (UNV) has upped its game in recent months by introducing its line of wide dynamic range (WDR) security camera solutions. By allowing cameras to move beyond previous limitations posed by difficult light conditions, these ultra-smart, ultra-high-resolution WDR solutions offer businesses, schools, and other industries the opportunity to better …

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Pan Tilt Zoom weatherproof camera with bullet cameras

Questions to Ask Your Security Camera Installer

When it comes to your security camera system, having an experienced and knowledgeable installer is as important as the cameras you choose to monitor your business, school, or city. While every project is different, there are some questions that every business leader should ask their installer before signing a contract. Here are 4 questions you …

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Nationwide Installation and Service

Thanks to the Tech Army, Camera Security Now can provide the same great service and security camera installation nationwide. We’ve been in business since 1998, have seen everything, and been everywhere. Here’s a map of all of our service locations since we started our company: Just kidding! That’s only the last 6 years, and yes, …

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