Camera Security Now is Still Open and Able to Help Protect your Business!

man installing camera for home securityWith the currently ongoing coronavirus epidemic, many businesses have opted to shut down their premises to abide by state shut down orders and in order to protect their employees from contracting and spreading COVID-19. Not all businesses have shut down though – including our own.

That’s right, we’re still open. If your company wants to get a security camera system to monitor your temporarily inactive worksite grounds, or if you are a business that is still sustaining regular operations that just needs a security camera system to monitor workflow, Camera Security Now is still open and here to help!

Not only are we still open, but we also have a vast operating range that will more than likely fill the needs for your business if you are reading this. We are proud to say that we have performed installation and service in all 50 states of the US, so if you are a business, school, government facility, or vehicle transit system still needing or looking into getting security cameras during the corona crisis, we have you covered.

If a timely access control system installation, camera security system install, or maintenance camera service is what you need, just give us a call today at 800-440-1662 to talk to one of our expert security camera technicians.

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