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Overseeing multiple regional offices and the staff that works within those offices can be a tricky prospect. Although you likely have supervisors or managers on-site in each location, you may want the opportunity to personally monitor daily operations to ensure that your employees are performing their jobs appropriately. Office security cameras can bring you that level of peace of mind. Although you may view office security systems as something that ensures against theft and other destructive or inappropriate behavior, they can also provide a high level of office surveillance to ensure that the expectations and outcomes you set with your employees are being fulfilled.


Review Operations in Real Time

Supervising several different locations means that you can only be onsite at each office occasionally. While employees may perform at peak capacity during those times they see you present, they may be less inclined to do so when they are not as closely monitored. This can impact your regional offices’ productivity and bottom line when employees are not at work during their scheduled hours or are indulging in excessive breaks. With office security systems that provide real time video monitoring, you can ensure that work is being conducted by each employee appropriately, without company time or resources being wasted.


Convenient and Secure Video Playback

When real time monitoring is not practical, you can rely on your business security cameras to provide video playback when and where is most convenient to you. Review performance and behavior on any smartphone or computer at your headquarters or while you are on the go. And don’t worry about having to look in at each remote location individually when you’re watching the security feed either in real time or during playback. Instead, save hours of time by being able to keep an eye on your regional offices all at the same time using the same video monitoring application. Picture an old-time security office filled with individual monitors – and then imagine having all that surveillance power within the palm of your hand or on just one laptop screen.


Office Surveillance Services Available Nationwide

Your regional offices may be spread out through many different parts of the country and that means you need to partner with an office security systems provider that has the mobility and bandwidth to cover you wherever you are. Avoid the aggravation of managing different systems in different locations. We can install and help you manage one integrated system nationwide. You only have to use one set of software and all of your regional offices will be protected in a secure, uniform manner.


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Additional Security Services

Your peace of mind doesn’t have to rely solely on eye-in-the-sky monitoring of your employees. Our office security systems for management review also include access control systems designed to fit the individual needs of your offices. You can begin monitoring exactly who comes in and out and when they do so to build the employee surveillance records that you need. And you can provide your employees with multiple forms of access, including through thumbprint readers, key cards, or key fobs.


Remove a lot of the hassle and worry of managing multiple regional offices by using unified office security cameras from a single supplier. You’ll be able to cut down on undesirable behavior that impacts your day-to-day operations while optimizing performance throughout your many locations. Remember to call Camera Security Now at 800-440-1662 for all of your office surveillance needs!


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