Help! My Cash Drawer Doesn’t Add Up! Find Out Who is Stealing From Your Register

Of all of the things business owners have to deal with, the most frustrating may be employee theft.  When your cash drawer consistently doesn’t add up, you know something’s up, but catching the perpetrator may be tricky.  That is, unless you have POS security cameras.


The act of installing security cameras for operational improvement is often enough to put a stop to employee theft, but those dumb enough to try their luck will be caught red-handed.  Our Geovision security cameras can be integrated with your POS system to display what is being rung up.  Playback can be stored for weeks or even months, giving you all the evidence you need to confront and prosecute the thief.


Cash isn’t the only thing being stolen.  Often times, waitstaff or bartenders will give out freebies in exchange for larger tips.  This is just as damaging to your bottom line as taking cash out of the register.  Without a camera system, this is impossible to detect without personally watching the dining room and bar area through every shift.  Have multiple locations?  Good luck!
These days, security camera systems are affordable, and the cameras are high resolution with a clear picture.  We provide itemized quotes with no hidden fees and no mandatory monthly plans.  Once we install your system, its yours without having to pay a security company on a recurring basis.  Remote access to your system is included in the installation price and will always be free of additional charge.  Deal with one security camera installer and one video management application for all of your locations, don’t hassle with finding a new installer for each location.


Sound good?  Give us a call.  Get the piece of mind of having your cash registers accurate every night, at every location.  Stop thieves from killing your business.  Call 800-440-1662 today, or visit our site for more information.

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