Reducing Inventory Shrinkage With Security Cameras

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Any items that leave your warehouse without being paid for is called inventory shrinkage, and it directly affects your bottom line. Stop that shrinkage from employee theft, damage and items being stored improperly or where they can’t be easily found and you’ll see an immediate improvement in your company’s cash flow and P&L statement. One easy way to do this is by adding security cameras.


How Security Cameras Can Help Stop Warehouse Shrinkage

Installing security cameras for management review in your warehouse tells both employees and potential thieves that you are watching them and intend to hold them accountable for their actions. In addition, such cameras make it easier for law enforcement to investigate and find the thief should you experience a break in.


Surveillance cameras and access control can also help improve your physical security, by aiding your security personnel in preventing unauthorized entrance to and removing unauthorized persons from the warehouse floor.


Benefits Of Live Security Cameras


•  View-able anywhere. Your live feed and video playback can be viewed from any location with Internet access, from your laptop, smartphone or other electronic device.


• Improved cross-docking coordination. If your warehouse unloads inventory from one truck to a railroad car or vice-versa, you know that if not planned properly, this maneuver can cause    items to be off-loaded into the warehouse and stored until the second vehicle is available. Reviewable video footage gives you the ability to investigate breakdowns through security cameras in coordination that result in problems like warehousing goods intended for cross-docking.


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• Better management. Yet another benefit of installing live security cameras is the supervisor’s or manager’s ability to see all parts of the distribution center from one screen. This is not only useful in managing employee productivity, but can show you when resources are being underutilized, such as when a truck is sitting idle at a warehouse.


• 24/7 coverage. Even the best manager can’t be everywhere at the same time. Surveillance cameras give you the ability to see what’s happening in your warehouse, 24 hours a day, seven   days a week, 365 days a year.


Installing security cameras are an easy and cost-effective way to curb inventory shrinkage in your warehouse and dramatically improve your bottom line. To learn more about adding security cameras to your warehouses or other inventory storage facility, please check out our business surveillance page.
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