Gas Station Theft Prevention

Retail Gasoline Station and Convenience Store

The importance of security cameras in today’s society can not be easily expressed. However, something everyone can agree on is that they want their workplace to feel secure. Security cameras are a vital part of workplace security, and one industry that knows this very well is the oil industry.

Shoplifting is a very prevalent crime in the United States, and according to the NASP (National Association for Shoplifting Prevention) one out of eleven people are shoplifters. Most gas stations in the United States double as convenience stores, and this combination makes gas stations extremely prone to theft. However; possessing a security system can help deter theft in your business.  

There are many factors to consider when buying a security system. Some examples of security questions you should ask yourself before purchasing are: do you want an indoor or outdoor system, do you need your camera to have night vision capabilities, how much storage do you need for your security system, and do you want your security system to be overtly displayed?

Luckily, we are here to help guide you in your quest for security. Camera Security Now has trained technicians nationwide who are able to give you the support needed to set up a security system for your gas station. We also have many consultants who can ensure that your cameras are installed in key positions.

For those of you interested in setting up a security system, we have a tip to help you. You’ll want everyone, employees and clients, to know that your business is under surveillance. This will help deter thefts and burglaries. To accomplish this we recommend having a sign or document which states that your facility is under video surveillance on display in a place easy for everyone to see it.

For gas station owners, or anyone wishing to purchase a security system, Camera Security Now has a wide variety of surveillance equipment for you to ensure you and your company’s safety.

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