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Selecting the Right Security Camera Partner

As companies across the country continue to invest in workplace security, it’s no surprise that the number of companies offering security cameras is also growing in proportion. With the security of your employees, customers, vendors, equipment, and work-site on the line, it’s important to know that you’re in good company when selecting a company to …

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Daycare Security Systems and Child Abuse Prevention

Daycares are some of the most consumer researched businesses. Every parent wants to be sure that their child is safe while they are away, which is why if you are a daycare owner, a security camera system is a must.   There are two main reasons for a daycare to have a security camera system …

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Staying in Control using Access Control

If you don’t want to install a security system because you think they will only be useful in rare, crime-related situations, you’ll be surprised to find out what a GeoVision access control security system is capable of. Modern security systems are capable of performing many functions, and if you want the most bang for your buck you may …

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Phoenix Gas Station Robbed on Camera

Gas stations are crucial in our modern lifestyles, and many gas stations inside of the United States double as convenience stores. It is because of this that owners should have twice the enthusiasm to protect their gas stations with surveillance systems. Many gas station owners turn to security systems to deter theft, and in worst-case scenarios …

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Equipping Yourself with the Best: License Plate Recognition

Having security cameras for your business is crucial. Security cameras have many uses, such as being a great form of crime deterrent, and when crime does happen security cameras can give valuable information to law enforcement. A physical description of your perpetrator is great, but modern security cameras can do better than that. Security cameras …

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Gas Station Theft Prevention

The importance of security cameras in today’s society can not be easily expressed. However, something everyone can agree on is that they want their workplace to feel secure. Security cameras are a vital part of workplace security, and one industry that knows this very well is the oil industry. Shoplifting is a very prevalent crime …

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