Phoenix Gas Station Robbed on Camera

Gas stations are crucial in our modern lifestyles, and many gas stations inside of the United States double as convenience stores. It is because of this that owners should have twice the enthusiasm to protect their gas stations with surveillance systems. Many gas station owners turn to security systems to deter theft, and in worst-case scenarios to extract incriminating evidence of crime.

On June 27th, a Chevron gas station in Phoenix, Arizona was robbed at gunpoint. However, due to the gas station owner’s vigilance the story did not need to end there. The security cameras installed in the gas station were able to clearly see the suspect’s face and this footage was handed over to the authorities. The gas station owner was later interviewed on the incident and he said that he is planning on purchasing more security cameras, because you can never be too safe.


One Angle of the Suspect, Taken from One of Fourteen Cameras which were on the Property


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