The Top 10 Do’s of Hotel Security Systems

Last time we published an article about hotels, which was the Top 10 Don’ts of Hotel Security Camera Systems, we kicked it off with a quote by Tom Brady. This time however, we’re teeing off the post with a quote by Tiger Woods, who once said, “My dad was my best friend and greatest role model. He was an amazing dad, coach, mentor, soldier, husband and friend.”

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So, what is the relevance of the sports quote in this article you ask? To show that success stories need a guideline, just like Tiger Woods’ father was to him. While part of winning the battle consists of knowing what not to do, it is important to have a successful template to base your own business ventures on. In this case, we are presenting you 10 helpful tips to build a foundation for your own hotel security.

10 Steps for Improving Your Hotel or Motels Security

1. Only use a professional and established security camera company. Using a friend, or someone who does this work on the side, will come back to haunt you.

2. Check references and ask for similar installations a potential contractor has completed.

3. Do the best you can within your budget and remember that any number of properly installed security cameras is a step in the right direction.

4. Purchase a Network Video Recorder (NVR) that will leave you with room to add additional security cameras later

5. Make sure you use vandal resistant security cameras when placing cameras within a baseball bat’s reach of the ground.

6. Always ask your contractor to check your local building and fire codes to insure that all appropriate permits are filed and that all codes are complied with.

7. Watch your main entrance from both the inside and outside with separate cameras.

8. In large areas use wide angle or FishEye cameras to maximize coverage. Remember, total coverage of your property will usually bust the budget.

9. Dedicate a vandal proof dome camera mounted close to eye level to watch every entry and exit way.

10. Always prominently display a monitor with a live view of the security camera video in your lobby or front desk area.

In summary, always make sure that you are getting your hotel security cameras from a reliable contractor, and make sure you have space on your NVR to add additional cameras in the future. Keep cameras as far out of vandalization range as possible, start by placing cameras only in key areas if you are on a budget, and make sure your guests can see that your camera security system is fully operational to deter crime. One final tip that will improve your hotel’s security is to do some research on security cameras before you buy. You don’t want to be stuck with weak cameras and a smaller budget than you had to begin with.

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8 thoughts on “The Top 10 Do’s of Hotel Security Systems”

  1. Hey,

    You have made some solid points on security systems for hotel. I’d like to add a few points.

    1. Always monitor who is visiting your hotel premise
    2. It’s important to train hotel employees to act fast up on things that is suspicious
    3. Maintain a proper record of list of non-guests visited your hotel premise
    4. Maintain a separate log for visitors who are contractors, vendors, etc this may help you identify who has visited the hotel

    Finally, buying a good security camera is very imperative and failing to do will result is more disaster than anybody could ever think of.

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  3. Thank you for sharing top 10 do’s. I was eagerly waiting for this after reading Top 10 Don’ts. All the points are worth implementing, specially point 1. Always go for professional and established security camera company.

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