Equipping Yourself with the Best: License Plate Recognition

Having security cameras for your business is crucial. Security cameras have many uses, such as being a great form of crime deterrent, and when crime does happen security cameras can give valuable information to law enforcement.

A physical description of your perpetrator is great, but modern security cameras can do better than that. Security cameras can be used to record license plate information. License plate recognition, or LPR for short, is extremely important in law enforcement and it can be a huge help to your business too.


For any business owner, having a video recording of a crime that doesn’t show the criminal’s face can be a nightmare. The police will not have as much information to work with, and the criminal might escape the righteous grasp of justice. However; if you have a security camera with license plate recognition, the police can actively track down the sorry soul that caused your business misfortune, and prevent this individual from causing further mischief.

Security cameras with license plate recognition can also be used for day-to-day business operation. For example, when used in conjunction with an access management system, LPR cameras can grant or deny access to a facility based on license plate number.  

We offer high quality GeoVision cameras, which will guide you on your quest for business security/management. These features include, but are not limited to:

  • No motion blur – Geovision offers several models of LPR cameras which will record and recognize without motion blur depending on model chosen and the speed of the vehicles being recorded. LPR cameras will capture without blur up to 124 mph depending on the model chosen.
  • Night Capturing Capability – Geovision LPR cameras automatically adjust to record and capture even at night.
  • Weather Resistant – Geovision LPR cameras are top-of-the-line, containing built in heaters and fans for perilous weather conditions.

These great features are backed by our amazing service. For anyone who lives in the Southwest Ohio area, our technicians can install your surveillance system and our security consultants are available if any issues arise with your system.

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