Staying in Control using Access Control

If you don’t want to install a security system because you think they will only be useful in rare, crime-related situations, you’ll be surprised to find out what a GeoVision access control security system is capable of. Modern security systems are capable of performing many functions, and if you want the most bang for your buck you may want to consider getting an access control system.

State of the art GeoVision access control systems for business can help you control who has access to certain areas of your building through either passcodes, key cards, or biometric scanners. Besides operating like a standard security system, a GeoVision access control system has remote locking/unlocking capabilities, two way audio, intelligent IR, and several other features. Some benefits of using access control to protect your business or home are:

 – Real-time door monitoring with support for up to 16-screen multi view live

 –  PTZ camera can be configured to turn to regions being monitored by alarm detectors or readers which are currently having a card scanned.  

 – All access and alarm activities with their videos are easy to search for because they are all under one platform.

 – GV-Megapixel camera makes it possible to examine image details while searching through past video footage.

 – Works well in even small installations where only a few doors need live video monitoring.

A GeoVision access control system can provide you not only live video footage, but also the means to watch playback footage of previous events through one platform. GeoVision access control systems can help you better manage your business and increase your security at the same time.


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5 thoughts on “Staying in Control using Access Control”

  1. We shopped access control system from a local vendor here in New York( I have to say that these devices really offer a lot of control to the administrator and are a must, at least in offices. Thank you for this write-up.

  2. You are right about installation and integration of security and access control systems. Both of these are very necessary for home or office security these days and I think everyone should adopt these security features to stay safe.

  3. #1 rule is you need a handy access in your home like the security camera. I bought a security camera for my home and I have access to it with my phone. So I can easily navigate and watch over my house and kids.

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