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License Plate Recognition

Parking Lot Security

As a business owner, you know how vital the safety and security of your employees and inventory is. You might have a security system and cameras installed to alert you of any potential break-ins or other crimes, but have you considered the exterior of your business? Parking lots, with all the foot and vehicle traffic, …

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Medical Marijuana Security

Security Requirements for Marijuana Dispensaries

Despite marijuana remaining illegal under US federal law, many states and districts have begun to legalize recreational and medical marijuana use within their borders. While medical marijuana is increasingly prescribed for use to relieve pain from diseases like cancer and to treat the effects of conditions like glaucoma, recreational marijuana legalization is often the result …

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Businessman deciding on camera placement

Securing Your New Business Location

Opening your first location or expanding your business is a huge step. Our sister company recently talked about opening events for new locations, but once the excitement of the expansion wears off it’s time to start thinking about the physical security of your business. When it comes to safeguarding your new location, nothing beats …

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A security camera overlooking a parking lot

Benefits of Parking Lot Security Cameras

Many businesses have security cameras installed to monitor their parking lots, and there are several good reasons for doing so, such as: 1. Hit-and-Run Accidents Hit and run accidents occur when a car collides with another automobile, and then the owner of the car that caused the accident drives away from the scene of the …

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“Carjackers” & Car Dealership Security Systems

Car dealerships have an extraordinary amount of potential income sitting still on their properties. Given the amount of money on the line, all car dealerships should have security systems in place to ensure financial stability in the event of vandalism or theft. If you for some reason believe car lots are immune to criminals, here …

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Staying in Control using Access Control

If you don’t want to install a security system because you think they will only be useful in rare, crime-related situations, you’ll be surprised to find out what a GeoVision access control security system is capable of. Modern security systems are capable of performing many functions, and if you want the most bang for your buck you may …

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