Benefits of Parking Lot Security Cameras

Many businesses have security cameras installed to monitor their parking lots, and there are several good reasons for doing so, such as:

1. Hit-and-Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents occur when a car collides with another automobile, and then the owner of the car that caused the accident drives away from the scene of the accident. The most common place for hit-and-run accidents to occur is in parking lots.

By having some well positioned license plate recognition security cameras, you can save yourself or others a lot of grief when falling victim to hit-and-run car accidents. Here’s a video of a hit-and-run caught by a parking lot security camera.

2. Deterring and Identifying Burglars

Getting into a car isn’t a difficult process if you’re willing to commit crime and have something you can use to break glass. If you’re really lucky though, maybe your car will have someone like this trying to break into it:

Security cameras, if placed in obvious and visible positions, can deter criminals from busting out windows in the parking lot you are parked in, and they may even be able to identify the crooks after the crime has been committed. Surprisingly, the mop man from the video above seems to have eluded custody.

3. Busting Drug Dealers and other Criminals

Like hit-and-runs, drug deals can be a very common occurrence in parking lots, especially retailer parking lots. Setting up visible security cameras in a parking lot is a good way to deter this activity, and provide evidence if it is happening in the parking lot.

A security camera overlooking a parking lot

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