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Nonprofit Organization

Security For Your Nonprofit

Your nonprofit organization has many of the same security concerns as a traditional business. The difference? Your nonprofit probably has limited funds and most of the funds are tied to specific types of expenditures. Nonprofit organizations frequently approach us for help with their security needs. To help you secure your premises while staying on budget, …

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Different types of security cameras

Tips for Your Next Security Consultation

Deciding to install a video security system in your workplace is a big step for any business. A solid security consultation can help answer any questions you might have and give you a better idea of the solutions needed to address your security concerns. Before you request a site visit from a security consultant, you …

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Combat Time Card Fraud with Security Cameras

Time card fraud can cost your company thousands of dollars in lost profits every year. Utilizing security cameras to help you monitor your time clock areas, entryways, exits, and parking lots can help you combat the actions of dishonest employees who are clocking in co-workers or reporting their own time inaccurately. Learn more about how …

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Security Cameras to Boost Mall Security

As the holiday season gets underway, malls and shopping centers become busier and more chaotic by the day. From pop-up shops to increased foot traffic, the difficulty of managing security for an entire mall with physical personnel can become overwhelming. Security cameras can assist your staff with theft and vandalism prevention and investigation. Additionally, these …

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car has dented rear bumper damaged after hit and run

Parking Lot Security Cameras and Hit-and-Runs

Now the the holiday season is over, ‘tis the season for hazardous driving conditions in many northern States. This time of the year is notorious for bringing in school delays and car accidents. While school delays have a positive effect on kids, most of us would like to avoid liability from any car accidents. A …

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“Carjackers” & Car Dealership Security Systems

Car dealerships have an extraordinary amount of potential income sitting still on their properties. Given the amount of money on the line, all car dealerships should have security systems in place to ensure financial stability in the event of vandalism or theft. If you for some reason believe car lots are immune to criminals, here …

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Audio Surveillance Legality Varies from State to State

A lot of people use video surveillance systems at their home or business but most of them simply record video. You can add the ability to record audio to your surveillance system but this isn’t something you can do just on a whim. Before you add audio recording to your surveillance system you should carefully …

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A Bullet Camera In Every Business, On Every Street Corner?

Security and surveillance technology are an ever booming market. In just about every major business in America today, you can find a security camera system or some type of surveillance technology. The market for it is huge. There will always be thieves and there will always be vandals. That is why there will always be …

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Video Surveillance Systems For Supply Rooms

  We as people always want to believe the best in the people we hire, but to be honest, sometimes we need a little extra comforting to make sure the business is running as smoothly  and honestly as it should.  We can talk about limitless places we can put a security camera to be a …

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Gas Station Security Camera System Upgrades

Security Cameras at Gas Stations…not a new concept, but it is one that should be touched on and brought up to speed with the times.Most gas stations across the country have been using one form of security camera or another for years. Many stations still have their original tape-based security system while others still use just a …

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