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How Long Do You Need to Keep Video Recordings?

Surveillance video storage requirements can vary widely across industries. For example, medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio require 24/7 security video to be retained for a minimum of six months, and the footage must be made available to the licensing board upon request. However, the insurance industry standard is one-year retention for marijuana dispensaries. For most …

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Is 4MP the Same as 4K?

…And other questions about comparing security camera resolutions, such as 4K vs 4MP, that you’ve been dying to have answered Do you ever feel like your security camera technician is speaking a foreign language when they start talking about image and display resolution? When it comes to the world of security camera systems, you’ve probably …

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Continuous Improvement and Security

By improving the quality of work processes, reducing costs, and reducing errors, continuous improvement allows your business to run more efficiently and be more cost-effective. You don’t waste resources in your daily production operations, and you shouldn’t when it comes to your security systems either. By thoroughly evaluating your existing system, identifying any deficiencies in …

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Medical Marijuana Security

Security Requirements for Marijuana Dispensaries

Despite marijuana remaining illegal under US federal law, many states and districts have begun to legalize recreational and medical marijuana use within their borders. While medical marijuana is increasingly prescribed for use to relieve pain from diseases like cancer and to treat the effects of conditions like glaucoma, recreational marijuana legalization is often the result …

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Securing Your New Business Location

Opening your first location or expanding your business is a huge step. Our sister company recently talked about opening events for new locations, but once the excitement of the expansion wears off it’s time to start thinking about the physical security of your business. When it comes to safeguarding your new location, nothing beats …

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