How Long Do You Need to Keep Video Recordings?

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Surveillance video storage requirements can vary widely across industries. For example, medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio require 24/7 security video to be retained for a minimum of six months, and the footage must be made available to the licensing board upon request. However, the insurance industry standard is one-year retention for marijuana dispensaries. For most industries, you can get by with a lot less storage. For most businesses a few weeks to a couple of months work of storage is plenty. You can learn more about the specific video storage requirements for your industry from your state licensing board or Secretary of State. Even if there are no set rules for video retention for your industry, here are a few things you should consider when deciding how much storage you need.

Workers’ comp injuries

Annual payments for workers’ compensation claims annually top $60 billion, with nearly 10 percent of those costs paid on fraudulent claims. Did you know that many states allow injured workers one to three years to file a workers’ comp claim? If you’re in an industry where workplace injuries are common, you might want to consider long-term storage and RAID options. Fraudulent claims can unnecessarily drive up your workers’ comp premiums. These false claims have led workers’ comp bureaus in all states to put greater scrutiny on injury claims – negatively impacting those who have a genuine injury. Surveillance footage can provide concrete evidence for actual injuries while helping to limit your liability to fraud when an injury is faked or when an employee is injured due to their own negligence.

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Loss prevention

Security cameras also help your loss prevention team keep an eye on inventory and cash drawers. If your business is frequently the victim of shoplifters or employee graft, surveillance cameras allow you to effectively track and identify incidents. For prosecution of shoplifters, security video can provide proof of guilt and help you prevent future incidents. If you have a large staff putting your finger on the culprit of employee graft can be difficult, your surveillance footage may be just the tool you need to identify your thief. If your business doesn’t have any existing issues like this, don’t wait to setup security measures until after problems have started, look into getting security cameras for loss and crime prevention today.

Track incidents

Keep a log of all major incidents that you may need to revisit later. If you think that storage might be an issue, be sure to save the footage on a local or external hard drive. Keeping a log will make it quick and easy to recall footage when needed. Finding specific footage from an incident several months or more ago that you have no record of may be time-consuming and difficult. Long-term storage won’t do you much good without the ability to narrow down the timing of the specific event or incident you’re searching for.

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Helping your company meet storage requirements and needs

Whether you have everyday storage needs that could be met with an NVR or need the redundancy and long-term storage of RAID arrays, our security consultants can help you find the right video storage length for your business. We focus on delivering the solutions you need and never try to upsell you on huge storage systems unless your business truly needs them. With our free site visit and consultation, our security professionals deliver the storage solutions that best meet the requirements of your industry. More than just a sales call, our experts review your entire site and provide a 100 percent accurate quote for your security needs. Get a quote for all of your security camera and video storage needs.

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