Daycare Security Systems and Child Abuse Prevention

Daycares are some of the most consumer researched businesses. Every parent wants to be sure that their child is safe while they are away, which is why if you are a daycare owner, a security camera system is a must.  

There are two main reasons for a daycare to have a security camera system installed. The first reason is obvious, parents want to be assured that their children are safe and being properly cared for while they are at daycare. Having a surveillance system can calm the minds of worried parents, especially if you have a camera feed on display.

Calming parental consciences is sadly not the only reason to get a security camera system for daycares. There is a second, more sinister reason as to why daycare owners need security systems. Not all daycare workers are kind, loving and gentle. Some daycare workers find joy in abusing the children they are being paid to care for.


Cases of daycare abuse arise every year, and unfortunately security camera systems are not always in place to catch the criminals in the act. However, in the situations security cameras are present, justice is dispensed swiftly like in the video below. Warning: the video below may be disturbing to some viewers.

If you’re a daycare owner, get a security camera system.Parents will comforted by the fact that their children are being monitored, and you can ensure that your daycare workers are actually working. You may even be able to offer parents the ability to go online and monitor their children at any time as an incentive to send their children to your daycare.  

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