Selecting the Right Security Camera Partner

As companies across the country continue to invest in workplace security, it’s no surprise that the number of companies offering security cameras is also growing in proportion. With the security of your employees, customers, vendors, equipment, and work-site on the line, it’s important to know that you’re in good company when selecting a company to install and service your security camera system. When it comes to providing our clients with the best experience, we know that high-quality customer service and professionalism are just as important as the products we offer. Here are just a few of the qualities that you should keep in mind when selecting a security camera system provider for your company.

The company you keep

As with most other things in life, businesses are often judged by the company they keep, so it’s important to make smart decisions about who you choose to associate your business with. Your security camera system vendor should always exceed your expectations, meet all deadlines, and provide the best service to you and your team.

Camera Security Now started as a regional provider of security camera solutions for businesses, local government, educational institutions, and individuals in the Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky areas. While we’ve grown over the last 30 years to offer nationwide service, we’ve never lost our commitment to our local area. From Dayton, Ohio to Covington, Kentucky, we offer state of the art surveillance solutions to help our clients meet their security needs.

Thanks to the Tech Army, our trusted network of installers and service technicians, we are able to provide nationwide installation and service with the same dedication and commitment to service and quality that we offer to our hometown companies. Since we started in 1998, we have been everywhere and have seen everything. There is no security job too big, no problem too hard to solve, and no destination too remote for our team.

When we say nationwide — we’re not joking, below is a service map of the locations we installed security systems in only the past 6 years. We installed surveillance equipment in MANY more locations in the 20+ years we have been in the industry.

Service map of last 6 years

It’s all about integrity

Integrity is the backbone of good business. When looking for a security camera system provider, your potential partner should have a reputation for meeting commitments, staying on budget, and open and honest business practices. When the security of your team is on the line, don’t trust their safety to an untrustworthy provider.

You need to know that your security camera partner is looking out for the best interests of your company. That’s why our process starts with a free security consultation to better understand your needs and to answer any questions you might have. We work with you to understand your biggest security concerns, the scope of the project, your budget guidelines, and other information that will help us guide you to the right security camera system solution for your project.

technicians analyzing schematics for an installation

While our team can work off schematics and floor plans to create a plan for the project before installation can occur we need to see and inspect the area where cameras will be needed. While on-site visits can be costly and delay the start of your project, our free one-hour security consultation and comprehensive site review allow us to expedite the process for your project. We work with you to set up and conduct the visit via Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, or other video chat program and your representative walks us through the worksite, allowing us to see any obstructions that the install team might encounter or to address any additional concerns. Instead of spending a few hours with a technician on-site, we work with your representative to complete a digital site visit in a fraction of the time.

We know that every company is striving to keep costs as low as possible on every project while still meeting goals. That’s why we work with you to keep your security camera system project costs in check. Our up-front itemized pricing lets you know exactly what to expect, with no hidden fees or required monthly fee plans. While other vendors may low-ball their initial quote to get a foot in the door, our security consultation and site review allow us to provide you with an accurate quote for your project well in advance, which will come in handy when you need to get a capital expenditure request approved before the project starts.

A partner you can trust

Customer satisfaction guaranteed

Our commitment and promise to you are to always exceed your expectations for customer service and professionalism. From our 15-minute guaranteed response on quote requests to our quick response time on phone calls and emails, our commitment to service has always been a top priority. When you need a partner you can trust who is also a trusted partner in the community, look no further than Camera Security Now.

Our camera service and installation professionals deliver the camera solutions that your company needs, helping you ensure the security of your business, employees, and customers. To find out how easy it is to keep your company secure, request a quote today.

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