Impound Lot Security Upgrade

When you think of a facility designed to hold evidence valuable to police investigations you might imagine a secure area indoors that is well guarded. While that might normally be the case for much of the evidence gathered by police departments that is not the case for vehicular evidence stored within impound lots. These expansive, outdoor facilities are typically run down and can be too large to have constant security, these impound lots are typically overlooked in terms of security measures and therefore are prone to break-ins. With the help of Camera Security Now, these impound lots can become safe and secure areas all thanks to a few well-placed, affordable, cameras.

How We Can Help

Recently, Camera Security Now finished installing cameras for an impound lot, much like the ones described earlier, that was suffering from break-ins and were in need of an upgrade to their security measures. To start off, a member of our team of professionals at Camera Security Now was sent to the site to give a consultation, observe the area, recommend camera placement, and pick the right cameras needed to watch over the impound lot day and night. After returning this information to our expert installation team they immediately went to work gathering the proper cameras and equipment and arranged a date to visit the impound lot to install their new, upgraded, camera security system.

     Upon arriving at the impound lot our team set to work installing the new cameras. From running the wires, to camera installation, setting up the servers to store video footage, and connecting all the cameras to the same network, our team was able to professionally install all aspects of the new security system in one hassle-free day. Since upgrading to their new security system the impound lot was able to catch those breaking in and deterred further break-ins, leaving the lot and it’s evidence safe and secure.

What Cameras Are Best?

The best cameras vary from business to business, for example a gas station will need different cameras more suited to small environments as opposed to a parking lot that needs cameras that can cover large areas. However, no two business gets the same set of cameras the camera system for one gas station might not be what another gas station needs. Using the impound lot that needed a security upgrade as an example, our team found it best to install multiple cameras on a trailer in the middle of the lot. From this trailer these small, hard to notice, long ranged cameras were able to watch over the entire lot and catch any perpetrators while being hard to spot as opposed to two large and easily noticeable cameras. Below are the two types of Univew our team selected to secure the impound lot.

Uniview Varifocal Cameras

Varifocal Cameras: A few of the cameras installed were Uniview varifocal cameras. A varifocal lens is a camera lens with variable focal lengths which can be used by the camera to zoom in and out. This allows us to zoom in on the farthest parts of the lot and be able to see the fence line better.

Uniview Bullet Cameras

Bullet Cameras: The other cameras installed were Uniview bullet cameras. Bullet cameras have a longer range which makes them ideal for viewing large areas like backyards and parking lots or in this case a large impound lot.


Why Choose Camera Security Now?

Camera Security Now offers unique security solutions designed for your business whether it be a grocery store, bank, or impound lot our professional team at Camera Security now are ready and waiting to help keep your business safe and secure. Aside from installing your cameras we also preform regular maintenance to ensure they last throughout the years and once the cameras are installed they are solely yours, at Camera Security Now we value the privacy of our customers and after installation all footage recorded belong to you and can’t be accessed in any way by us. Want more information? Don’t be afraid to contact us below and talk to one of our expert team members to find out more about what we do and get free advice on security cameras!

Security Camera Advice and Installation with Camera Security Now

Security Consultant Johnny

Are you looking for security camera advice? Johnny can give you a free security consultation for your location. Even if you’re not sure what you need, our security technicians will walk you through what it takes to secure your business. No matter what kind of facility in which you’re requesting surveillance support, Johnny can assist you with all of your security needs! If you have any questions about how thermal cameras work, what you need for your facility, or the purchasing and installation process, contact Johnny today at 800-440-1662 ext. 360 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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