Does your security installer factor in DORI Distance?

Does your security camera technician keep DORI distance in mind during the installation process?





DORI distance is the general proximity of space necessary for a security camera to distinguish a person or object within the device’s field of view. To put it simply, you need to place and configure your security cameras adequately based on your cameras’ specifications and what you’re trying to observe or monitor.

Different security cameras have different DORI distances based on these various factors:

    • The lens focal length 
    • Distance to objects of interest 
    • Lighting
    • Security camera resolution
    • Depth of Field
    • Camera Positioning
    • Compression
    • Security Camera Manufacturer

The Importance of DORI Distance

Suppose your security provider didn’t take these factors into consideration when they installed your security cameras. In that case, you’re at serious risk of missing identifying features of a crime or serious incident — which is often the predicament for many businesses. If you don’t want to be asking yourself, “Why can’t I see who’s in my security footage?” after a serious crime or incident has occurred, it’s crucial to have the right cameras before purchase and the right technician during the installation process.

Security cameras are an investment to protect your facility and business from both criminal threats and legal vulnerabilities. Still, if you don’t know what your security cameras will observe and record before you buy, then you’re taking the risk of trusting the manufacturer of a product that may or may not be designed for what you’re looking to observe and record.

Consider your security camera installer the most significant protection to your surveillance investment. After all, the technicians you choose will be the last ones to decide how your cameras function, record, and what they will see based on various configurations decided on the device’s operating system or NVR.

Knowing your security cameras

Whether you’ve decided upon a security camera system or had a security provider assist you, it’s essential to see a demonstration before making the final decision.

First, determine what you’re looking to capture with your security products. Take factors like lighting changes, field of view, and resolution requirements into consideration. After you’ve determined the different areas you’d like to observe, ask your security camera provider for a proof of concept demonstration.

Most security providers will be happy to show you precisely what their security products can (and can’t) do. Consider it a red flag if your provider isn’t willing to do a product demonstration.

Product demos are often conducted either at your facility with pre-configured security cameras or at the provider’s location.

If your installer has demonstrated that their security cameras can perform under the conditions that you’ve suggested, you can finally feel safe with your selection.

The importance of security camera placement

The DORI Difference

When you take DORI distance into account, it can make all of the difference. Because this system of defining a device’s field of view accounts for factors like required resolution, depth of field, distortion, illumination, noise, color fidelity, camera positioning, motion, and even compression, you can be confident when you consider DORI distance.

We asked one of our brilliant installers exactly how to calculate DORI distance in the field; here is what he said:

“In the field, DORI always boils down to three things: What a client wants to see — meaning the level of detail they expect on the video — how far away the observation area will be from the camera, and the budget. Once we understand those three factors, we can choose the right number of cameras — with the right level of zoom on the lens — to carry out the client’s DORI goals, to the greatest degree possible, within the constraints of their budget.”

Camera Security Now and DORI Distance

Security Consultant Johnny

Are you looking for a security provider that takes DORI distance into account? Our experienced security technicians always consider Detection, Observation, Recognition, and Identification Distance when installing our security cameras.

We also offer a wide selection of security cameras that is certain to fit your needs and budget.

If you’re looking for a free consultation, our featured representative, John Beagle, is sure to help you find what you’re looking for no matter the facility you’re protecting or the security budget. If you have any questions about DORI distance or our security services, give us a call at 800-440-1662 or fill out a quick, easy online quote form.

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