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CNBC: The US is reportedly considering blacklisting Chinese surveillance tech firm Hikvision

The US is reportedly considering blacklisting Hikvision — A Chinese surveillance tech giant

The United States Government is considering placing limitations on the Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision’s ability to buy American technology. The U.S. Commerce Department would place Hikvision on an “entity list,” which requires American companies to get government approval before they conduct businesses with any foreign company listed. These limits would effectively place the company on …

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Best of 2018

  Keeping up with your favorite industry blogs isn’t always easy. We always strive to provide you with the latest information about the newest security camera technology that we have to offer and new solutions to improve your surveillance system. To keep you in the loop on all of our security camera solutions, we’ve compiled …

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Missing Object Detection: Why It Makes GeoVision Great For Warehouses

Security cameras area a vital part of any business as they allow you to keep an eye on your livelihood and ensure that nothing is going to happen to it. If something does happen, then you have the security camera footage to help assist you in fixing the problems and catching those people behind them. …

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Parking Lot Security Cameras

GeoVision CCTV / DVR system catches a fender bender video. In this parking lot accident caught on a security camera you see a woman back straight into a parked SUV. This footage was caught by one of our client’s GeoVision DVR systems at their Alabama factory. The CCTV camera clearly shows the woman was backing …

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Building and Configuring a CCTV DVR – a DIY Series

Camera Security Now is proud to present a 10 Part Do-It-Yourself GeoVision Series on how to build and configure a CCTV DVR. Camera Security Now builds every GeoVision DVR using Dell business class systems. GeoVision is widely considered to be the leader in business class DVR technology and from the beginning Camera Security Now has …

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GeoVision GV-NVR

The GeoVision GV-NVR, or Network Video Recorder, is a camera system that records audio and video data over TCP/IP networks. The GV-Surveillance and Video Management Platform is built upon easy-to-integrate and comprehensive supporting technologies and hardware. The GV platform provides performance-optimized video monitoring as well as advanced analytics/control features which support many enterprise’s management functions. …

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GeoVision v8.3 New Features

The GeoVision Surveillance and Video Management Platform is the core system platform that provides video monitoring and different advanced video analytic s/control features to support many of enterprise’s management functions. It is also a scalable, extensible platform that you can customize as well as integrate it with other security system applications like POS/ATM/EAS for loss …

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