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Video Surveillance Systems For Supply Rooms

  We as people always want to believe the best in the people we hire, but to be honest, sometimes we need a little extra comforting to make sure the business is running as smoothly  and honestly as it should.  We can talk about limitless places we can put a security camera to be a …

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CCTV DVR for Fast Food Restaurants

Fact: Employee theft is less frequent when video cameras are in conspicuous places and proper signage is displayed on entry doors and walls. Once a potential robber or thief sees that your place is under surveillance, they don’t try anything. DVR – Digital Video Recording Computers are now widely found in restaurants! They are easy …

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Bar Surveillance Systems Catch Dishonest Bartenders

The bar is one kind of business which has a very vulnerable area of theft.Bartender stealing is especially prevalent if you have a successful bar business with a popular bartender. You might not notice daily theft and skimming, such as free drinks to the bartender’s friends and stealing from the cash register. Shrinkage, the average loss …

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Gas Station Security Camera System Upgrades

Security Cameras at Gas Stations…not a new concept, but it is one that should be touched on and brought up to speed with the times.Most gas stations across the country have been using one form of security camera or another for years. Many stations still have their original tape-based security system while others still use just a …

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Video Surveillance Systems For Waiting Areas

More businesses are installing the latest technology in CCTV in their waiting room areas. There are good reasons to monitor waiting rooms in your business, both for the sake of customers as well as business property.  Using a security system is a great way to check back on the week to see how traffic was …

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Construction Site Camera Security: Materials Theft Prevention

Construction theft is estimated at roughly $1 billion annually. As the value of raw materials increases, it is reasonable to expect that if left unaddressed that construction site theft will also continue to increase.The loss of materials and equipment from the construction site can lead to delays, down time, increased insurance rates, and damaged company …

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Parking Lot Security Cameras

GeoVision CCTV / DVR system catches a fender bender video. In this parking lot accident caught on a security camera you see a woman back straight into a parked SUV. This footage was caught by one of our client’s GeoVision DVR systems at their Alabama factory. The CCTV camera clearly shows the woman was backing …

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Security Camera Mounts for CCTV Security Cameras

We here at know that when it comes to mounting a camera, selecting the right camera mount can make a world of a difference when trying to get that correct angle. If you are new to cameras, you might think to yourself, “Well, is there really a difference?” Short answer: Definitely.You may select from …

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Residential Video Surveillance

Have you ever thought about adding security cameras to your home?  Here are a few reasons why you might. Protection from home invasion and burglary While having a video surveillance system in your home does not itself prevent invasion and burglary, it does provide you with a detailed visual account of the invasion, enabling the …

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