Security Camera Viewing Now Available on iPhone

If you own a business, a nice home, a nice car, or anything like that then you know that security is a big deal. People all across the country are getting into security cameras for many different reasons but, as most people with security cameras know, you can only view whats going on with the cameras if you are looking at the monitors.

GeoVision has been working hard to make it easy for you to access your security camera feeds whenever and wherever you want. With their newest version, V8.12, GeoVision has integrated support for Windows Vista and with mobile surveillance viewing. Previously, GeoVision was incompatible with the latest Microsoft OS, Windows Vista. The demand for all things to be available on a mobile device is growing steadily and GeoVision is working hard to help make your security camera viewing easily accessible on your mobile device.

But GeoVision isn’t the only company working hard to mobilize security camera viewing. The company iVision, has just created a service that will allow you to stream your security camera feed directly to your iPhone mobile device*. iVision boasts a super clear resolution and an easy to use user interface on your iPhone. iVision supports many different DVR manufaturers and directly supports commercial DVR’s as well as consumer DVR’s with unlimited access starting at $39.99 a month. iVision has an easy, 5 minute set up with no port forwarding giving you fast and easy access to your security camera system. iVision boasts extremely fast servers and a focus on clarity all while giving you the freedom of taking your security camera viewing with you anywhere.

With GeoVision and iVision taking security system viewing to the next level, we can guarantee that if we want something watched, we can do it whenever and wherever we want to. The world truly is going mobile. With inventions like the iPhone allowing video streaming, picture streaming, GPS, internet, music, making calls, and now even security camera feeds, we can only imagine what will come next.

Go to to read the full story on GeoVision V8.12 or to get a GeoVision quote request for quote request for our iPhone compatiable CCTV / DVR Security Camera System.

*UPDATE: iPhone remote view now provided at no charge from Geovision in every new copy of their software that ships for no additional charge with every GeoVision DVR card.

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