Missing Object Detection: Why It Makes GeoVision Great For Warehouses

Security cameras area a vital part of any business as they allow you to keep an eye on your livelihood and ensure that nothing is going to happen to it. If something does happen, then you have the security camera footage to help assist you in fixing the problems and catching those people behind them. Modern security camera systems have a lot of features that take security to brand new levels. One of the most beneficial features of today’s security camera systems is one found in GeoVision cameras, Missing Object Detection. Missing Object Detection is a feature that is perfect for security camera systems that are monitoring things like a warehouse or storage space 24/7, where special features can really assist your security camera system.

How Does Missing Object Detection Work?

Missing Object Detection is exactly what it sounds like, a security camera feature that can detect when something in its field of view is removed or missing. Whenever the camera notices something that was in view is no longer in view, an alarm will be generated instantly, enhancing security attention. In addition to that, you can even get an alert directly on your computer, tablet, or smartphone as soon as the Missing Object Detection kicks in, notifying you as soon as something appears to be missing. In the video below you can see exactly how Missing Object Detection works.

As you can see, the camera notices that the object on the table has been removed and issues an alarm. In addition to that, the camera also flashes a red alert around precisely where the object was, allowing you to better determine what was removed. This is particularly helpful if your camera is monitoring a packed warehouse or storage area that is cluttered or has a lot of similar objects the might make it hard for the naked eye to notice when something goes missing.

Where This Technology Excels

Missing Object Detection is perfect for security camera applications that are monitoring things overnight, like warehouses or storage areas, or areas that have a lot of valuable items, like the expensive projector in your conference room. Warehouses benefit the most from Missing Object Detection. Many people who own warehouses don’t have security guards there all night, meaning that they typically apply security cameras in these situations to monitor the areas when people aren’t around. Criminals often target warehouses, especially ones that are housing structures for big name stores, as they think they can make off with things like computers, iPads, or TVs.

Other places that benefit from Missing Object Detection are things like museums, where there are lots of valuable artifacts. Sure you may not have to worry about evil guys in trenchcoats fighting Indiana Jones over some rare relic that belongs in a museum, but you do run the risk of some valuable things being a target, especially if they are part of a traveling exhibit. Even stores and gas stations can benefit from Missing Object Detection. Store and gas station workers can’t possibly cover every square inch of their space, which is why almost all of these places have security cameras. However, criminals are becoming increasingly sly and Missing Object Detection is capable of detecting when an object is taken even if someone monitoring the camera feed may have missed it.


Missing Object Detection is one of the most useful features you can have on your security camera system. The ability for your cameras to identify when something in its field of view is removed, sound an alarmĀ and show you on-screen exactly where the object is missing from can really boost your security. If you have cameras monitoring things like warehouses, storage centers, museums, or other places with valuables then Missing Object Detection is definitely a feature you should have and GeoVision cameras are some of your best options.

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