Access Your Security Cameras from Anywhere

August 5, 2019
Smart alert security cameras on smartphone

A high-quality security camera system is only as good as your ability to access and view your footage. Instead of being stuck watching a camera feed with nothing happening, our remote access options allow you to view your cameras on-demand. While saving footage of any incident that takes place on your premises is important, being …

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Security with a Local Touch

July 31, 2019
Pan tilt zoom security camera in Middletown Ohio near I-75

For more than 20 years, Camera Security Now has provided the best security camera solutions to protect local businesses, schools, municipalities, and other members of the community. Headquartered in Middletown, Ohio, we are dedicated to providing unmatched service to our local area while also offering a skilled network of installers and technicians to our customers …

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Why Does My Security Camera Flicker at Night?

June 28, 2019
infrared security camera

Your business’ surveillance camera system is one of your most valuable security assets. When your system isn’t working properly, like when your security camera’s feed is flickering at night, finding the cause and fixing it quickly is important to protecting your workplace, equipment, and employee safety. Understanding the root cause of your security camera’s nighttime …

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Warehouse Security Checklist

May 29, 2019
Staff at security meeting

Warehouses have a lot at stake — smuggling, theft, and terrorist activity all pose potential risks — and can threaten your business’ financial and legal well-being. This is why warehouse owners are usually known for their tight security practices. Because warehouses are busy operations, day-to-day logistical issues can often take up a lot of time. …

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The US is reportedly considering blacklisting Hikvision — A Chinese surveillance tech giant

May 22, 2019
CNBC: The US is reportedly considering blacklisting Chinese surveillance tech firm Hikvision

The United States Government is considering placing limitations on the Chinese surveillance giant Hikvision’s ability to buy American technology. The U.S. Commerce Department would place Hikvision on an “entity list,” which requires American companies to get government approval before they conduct businesses with any foreign company listed. These limits would effectively place the company on …

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