Parking Lot Cameras and Hit-and-Runs

May 11, 2018
Cars in a parking lot

Parking lot security cameras are important no matter the size or location of the lot. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, parking lots are where about 20% of vehicle accidents occur. Parking lot surveillance cameras can provide valuable video footage for use in investigation of car accidents and property crime. Parking lots are …

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GeoVision Camera Installation

May 9, 2018

For serious customers with real business surveillance needs, Camera Security Now presents our premium camera solution, GeoVision. What truly sets GeoVision apart is its state-of-the-art software, with features like facial detection, object tracking, license plate recognition, and people counting. The importance of user friendly, yet highly functional, camera management software is often underappreciated during the …

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5 Vs of Supply Chain Management and How Security Cameras Can Help

May 7, 2018

In a supply chain environment, you have four elements: Physical Materials and Services Cash Information Returns for Repairs, Recycling or Disposal Below are the five Vs that can impact this process, positively and negatively, and how supply chain security cameras can help with visibility and mitigating risk. Visibility This is exactly as you might expect …

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Cameras and the Kaizen Blitz

April 13, 2018
security camera mounted on a ceiling

A Kaizen Blitz is a short-term project focused on improvement of a single process, work center, or product line. It is designed to give an immediate, sustained benefit to the organization, and requires process analysis, planning, re-arrangement of equipment, and training of workers. Value Stream Mapping, including the current state map and future state map, …

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Security Cameras for Process Improvement

April 2, 2018
security camera watching a manufacturing plant

All manufacturing facilities have sensitive areas where access is restricted, and certain procedures must be followed. Areas surrounding high voltage or automated equipment, high-value inventory storage areas, 5S red tag areas, and areas housing sensitive data or infrastructure, such as server rooms, all need to be monitored with manufacturing security cameras or cameras for process …

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