Building a modern business security system

Although cyber threats commonly make the headlines, digital hazards are only a small part of the security landscape for businesses. In a time where surveillance products are quickly becoming more useful due to the increase in available resolution, affordability, and applications, physical security needs to be prioritized.

Here are some important things to consider when implementing a modern business security system.

Security cameras protect your assets

Video surveillance systems have undoubtedly become more valuable than ever for a huge number of business applications across the public and private sectors of all industries. One of the biggest reasons for the increase in importance is due to the number of valuable assets companies are using within these businesses.

Offices, warehouses, workshops, manufacturing plants, and other facilities use a significant amount of expensive technology in the modern age from computers, servers, and 3D printers to specialized machinery and equipment. Not to mention the number of stock retail warehouses and supply rooms that can carry merchandise.

As a result of this increase in business technology, workplaces are now a key target for thieves. The unfortunate reality is that some of these thieves will be the employees themselves, so it’s important to make a functioning security system a top priority.

Protection for more than just your physical assets

It goes without saying that video surveillance is usually deployed to combat theft, but the importance of a properly selected, configured, and installed security system goes beyond theft protection. 

Since thieves are seizing opportunities and targeting areas with a lot of assets more regularly, the people who work at these locations are also under threat. It’s important to consider the importance of a security system that can not only protect your physical assets, but protect the people who work at, learn at, or visit your premises.

A video surveillance system is a great place to start if you’re looking for full protection, but the company you use to help you select products, choose installation sites, and configure your cameras is even more imperative.

Don’t cut corners

Planning is key to success, especially when it comes to surveillance systems. If you don’t know much about security, you may want to get a consultation before you even consider delving into what a security plan at your premises would entail.

After all, every site is different – which makes every security solution unique. Basically, there is no one-size-fits-all solution, you have to invest time and resources in order to make an informed decision about the security and surveillance of your business.

For example, which cameras will be best indoors? What about outside? What does the existing infrastructure look like when it comes to wiring solutions? What IP (ingress protection) rating do your outdoor cameras need to be? Should you use infrared, wide dynamic range, or other low-light solutions?

A free consultation with a security installer can help identify problem areas that need to be covered, and help you cover the largest possible area without allowing gaps in security.

Coverage is important

Now that you’ve decided on location and coverage angles for your indoor and outdoor cameras, the next step is to make sure you’re purchasing security cameras with specifications up to the task.

It isn’t as simple as deciding on one type of camera and deploying them at every location that needs monitoring – you have to consider technical aspects like visual fidelity and logistical aspects like deciding how these cameras will be wired, powered, and how they will communicate with the video recording device used to store and playback footage.

The fact of the matter is that these questions and a lot more need to be discussed with a security expert in order to provide the best unique solution for your facility.

Compatibility is key

If you already have an existing security system or monitoring system you want to coordinate with your new system, it’s important to choose the right brand of camera in order for it to be compatible at all.

Meet with your security consultant to discuss security cameras and equipment with the flexibility to not only support a variety of different operating systems and software but will offer upgradeability as your organization and/or security technology continues to expand.

To put it simply, you won’t be able to select a future-proof system unless you have a vast knowledge of the over 45 major brands of security products available today.

Consider monitoring and management after deployment

After your surveillance system is up and running, the real job of a video surveillance system finally begins. So if you’re an organization looking to deploy a new system, it’s important to consider one that makes the daily operations of your business as easy as possible to manage.

Some of the best modern security systems can deliver smarter detection, enhanced activity reporting, and remote management. However, these features don’t configure themselves – these systems aren’t plug-and-play. It’s important to discuss the features that are important to you with your security consultant. They should be able to provide you with information on how to implement the best possible system – with the best possible features – for your unique facility and necessities.

For example, the software can trigger notifications to whoever is tasked to monitor your system when certain parameters are met like motion detection of a specific sized object (like a person, rather than a raccoon or a leaf). If the system isn’t properly configured, you’ll receive a lot more false alarms – obviously costing time, frustration, and possible money.

Consider how you will store your footage

Is a terabyte enough? While high-quality footage can now be captured, accessed, transferred, and stored without any quality degradation in the modern age, it’s important to meet the increasingly large storage requirements that come with HD video security.

Consult with your security consultant and they’ll be able to help you consider how much storage you need based on how long you need to keep footage, what the resolution of your cameras is, which compression method your devices use, and how many cameras you have.

Upgrade your business to a more modern security system

The current age of video surveillance takes business surveillance to the next level. Not only can you assure the protection of your physical assets and ensure the safety of your workforce, but you can also leverage modern software to help protect the operations, reputation, and profitability of a business.

It’s important to know a business security system isn’t something you can buy “off-the-shelf” or at an online retailer – no matter how much research you’ve done online. The fact of the matter is a proper business security installation requires proper planning in the form of site surveys, equipment and software considerations, and communication of operational demands and requirements to a qualified security installer.

Investing time with an experienced security installer will not only ensure your business meets the best dividends in terms of protection but can help provide a number of other benefits.

Consult with a Security Expert Today

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Security Consultant Johnny

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