Mobile Security Solutions: The WASP Box

Unlike fixed surveillance, temporary surveillance focuses on hard-to-reach or remote locations where a traditional CCTV system would not be able to be installed. If your business operates at temporary locations or needs security in spots that are hard to get to, mobile security cameras may be the perfect solution for you.

As applications for video surveillance expand, the benefits of mobile security for crowd safety and theft prevention are unparalleled. Deploying mobile video surveillance at your next event will strengthen crime prevention, combat theft, and maintain crowd safety. Temporary surveillance systems are also being deployed to secure remote sites and assets; such as rail applications, drug abuse hotspots, and construction lots. As these solutions become more affordable, a greater number of businesses are using temporary security as a solution to secure remote assets every year.

If your business changes locations often, temporary security cameras may be the solution you’re looking for to ensure your events or job sites are secure at all times.

WASP Boxes

What is Temporary Mobile Surveillance?

Unlike fixed surveillance, mobile or temporary surveillance is portable. While you can view all of your temporary security cameras on a mobile device, in this case “mobile security” refers to the ability to bring the monitoring devices along with you wherever you need them.

Mobile solutions are perfect for construction or utility sites if you are renovating your office, your property, or operate an event in a remote location and need to keep a watchful eye on your assets.

Temporary mobile security packages can be purchased but are often rented on a short-term basis. For example, if you’ve completed a construction job, your temporary surveillance can come with you or you can easily end the rental if you no longer have the need for mobile security.

How it works

Rapid deployment mobile security cameras are quickly becoming the popular choice for any kind of temporary surveillance necessity. Typically mounted on a pole or up high, these all-in-one systems provide a wide range of surveillance capabilities from a single point, requiring only a power connection to run all operations. Solar panels can be mounted to provide power to both your cameras, Network Video Recorder, and/or wireless access point if wired power is unavailable. This type of solution is perfect for anywhere that it is difficult to get the right cables where your cameras need to be, like large sites, outbuildings, or temporary setups. 

Who uses mobile security solutions?

This cost-effective solution is a good way to monitor your property regardless of location. Whether you want to mount cameras on a building, on your property, free-standing poles, trailers, or other objects, you’ll be able to establish a remote feed. These types of solutions are perfect for construction sites, events and festivals, utility sites, agricultural businesses, and anywhere else it is difficult to lay video, power, and network switches.

Construction sites often require temporary surveillance solutions in order to prevent theft and vandalism and to provide evidence of workplace accidents and mishaps. 

Similarly, utility sites are often in hard-to-reach, remote locations, which make surveillance difficult. However, security is vital on utility sites to ensure that customers don’t experience interruptions in electrical or cable services due to tampering or theft.

Farmers can use mobile security to help keep an eye on their land and any valuable livestock or equipment as these solutions can be deployed anywhere on your property.

Events, festivals, and competitions are also good cases for mobile security. Whether you’re keeping an eye on equipment, keeping attendees safe and under watch, or avoiding liability of any injuries that may occur, temporary surveillance solutions are perfect for the events sector.


By now you’re looking for an affordable, mobile security solution that requires only a power connection. Enter: WASP Box by Camera Security Now. The WASP Boxes, or Wireless All-in-one Security Package, are custom-built to fit your requirements and can feature any type of security camera.

Can you watch from multiple angles? Yes, choose the PTZ or multi-camera custom package. If a pan/tilt/zoom camera doesn’t get the job done for you, these boxes can be fitted with up to 8 standard cameras (including one PTZ) — giving you camera complete coverage of any area on your site.

Where can a WASP Box be mounted? These rugged security boxes only need standard AC (120 volt / 60 Hz) power in order to run. Because they don’t require significant voltage, solar panels can also be used to provide power to your WASP Box at an additional fee.

Inside a WASP Box


How does the WASP Box store footage? 

You have two options of video storage, depending on the WASP Box you select.

Option 1: The more common package has no NVR built into the Box. These WASP Boxes use wireless transmitters to stream video to another part of your network, where it routes the signal to an onsite NVR for storage and video access.

Option 2: Less common, but just as good, this option has a built-in NVR. This solution requires a wireless transmitter to get the signal to a nearby network if you want to view your security cameras via a remote connection on the NVR’s app. These boxes can also be fitted with a cellular model from AT&T or Verizon to stream the video remotely to any device.

Another option is to access video via direct connection only, which is more cost-effective and requires no wireless transmitter. However, you won’t be able to view your cameras on a mobile device.

Can I view my mobile security cameras on a mobile device?

The most common and cost-effective WASP Box solutions allow you to connect to your NVR remotely and view live footage.

What is the most common configuration?

The most common WASP Box configurations include PTZ or bullet cameras with no directly attached NVR. This configuration uses a wireless transmitter to route the signal to an NVR that could be hundreds of yards away.

What are my options?

Cameras: First and foremost, one of the best parts of the WASP Box is that you can mount any number, size, and type of security camera that can be physically mounted on the WASP case.

Storage: The most common solution includes a wireless transmitter and receiver pair, which communicate to an NVR that is not attached to the WASP Box.

Another option is to directly attach the network switch and NVR, which will be mounted safely inside the WASP Box. If you want to be able to view cameras remotely, a wireless receiver will also be included in your package.

Power: The most common solution is to connect the WASP Box to an AC power supply. This requires a nearby power outlet for power.

Another option is to connect your WASP Box to solar panels. This solution requires external solar panels and a battery for the solar panel mounted inside the case. However, this solution is not very cost-effective with the current price of solar panels.

Wireless All-in-one Security Packages from Camera Security Now

Are you looking for advice concerning a mobile or temporary security solution? The WASP Box was designed by Camera Security Now at our Ohio headquarters. These custom boxes were invented to be able to handle any project and are rugged enough to withstand outdoor placement. Constructed by a company with decades of experience in the industry, our WASP Boxes have been tested in a variety of environments from construction sites to community festivals — and everything in between.

Do you need help selecting a WASP Box configuration? Contact us now for a free consultation.  Our dedicated and highly qualified surveillance technicians can help you select the best solution for your unique necessity. These technicians can conduct a site survey in order to steer you towards which solution works best for you and explain why.

Security Consultant Johnny

One of our technicians, led by Johnny Beagle, will assist you every step of the way. We will start by giving you a free site survey, which helps us understand the best possible solution for you. Next, one of our technicians will walk you through what kind of cameras would work best for your WASP Box. Whether you’re a small company or a large corporation, our WASP Boxes can accomplish your mobile security needs.

To contact Johnny and Camera Security Now directly over the phone, call 800-440-1662 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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