Illuminate the Night with Uniview ColorHunter and Tri-Guard Technology

Uniview is changing the game again with a new type of night vision for its line of ColorHunter security cameras. Since most crimes happen at night, it’s important to have quality color-related information even in areas without any additional lighting.

However, despite the fact that video surveillance technology has come a long way in the last decade, most security cameras still switch on their infrared (IR) sensors at night – which leaves us with monochromatic footage that is often grainy and low in contrast.

That’s where Uniview’s new ColorHunter technology comes in. If you’re looking for full-color footage at night, Uniview’s Advanced LightHunter technology combined with “Friendly Lighting LEDs” means these cameras can display your video feeds in full, beautiful, crisp color morning, noon, and night. Continue reading to find out which Uniview security cameras employ ColorHunter Technology and to learn what else this new line of Uniview security cameras can do.

Uniview ColorHunter Technology

Using ColorHunter Security Cameras

One of the most unfortunate statistics on crime is that most crimes tend to happen at night, which means businesses and homeowners alike should be prepared for these ill-fated occasions by employing the right kind of surveillance.

While cameras without the right technology will display black and white footage at night, Unview’s ColorHunter-enabled line of security cameras can easily identify more useful information about vehicles and suspects such as plate number, color and model of vehicle, facial features, hair color, height, and clothing color – when installed properly.

Coupled with a supplemental light for extremely dark scenarios, these Uniview ColorHunter cameras guarantee video with colorful details when and where you need them.

How it works

Three major breakthroughs in surveillance technology enabled Uniview to create the ColorHunter camera: Super large aperture, progressive BSI Sensor, and friendly lighting LEDs.

Super Large Aperture

Security cameras equipped with the ColorHunter lens have an F1.0 super large aperture which lets more light in and greatly improves the brightness of the image. According to laboratory data, these F1.0 super large aperture lenses capture 4 times the amount of light as the F2.0 aperture.

Progressive BSI Sensor

The latest BSI sensor from Uniview allows the lens to receive as much light as possible and greatly improves the sensitivity.

Friendly Lighting LEDs

Unlike the red infrareds that are common in most low-light cameras on the market today, these warm light LEDs guarantee lower light pollution and maintain the true color of a scene even in low-light environments. Additionally, the light from these LEDs can become beacons that deter potential criminals from entering the area in the first place.

False Alarm Reduction

When monitoring security cameras, most users can become distracted by all of the additional motion recordings that may be accidentally triggered, especially in low-light scenarios like nighttime. Uniview’s smart intrusion prevention (SIP) can filter false alarms and allows human and vehicle classification in order to focus only on interest targets: alarms triggered by people and vehicles.


Uniview’s ColorHunter Camera delivers colorful images while the smart intrusion prevention can serve as a guard even at night. These features make these surveillance products perfect for a wide range of applications like businesses, parking lots, alleyways, and residential areas.

Even better protection at night with Tri-Guard

Equipped with three different modes – Infrared mode (IR), Warm Light LED mode, and double light mode – Uniview’s Tri-Guard security cameras provide even more protection at night.

These active deterrent functions automatically illuminate when a stranger enters the camera view. If nothing happens, the image stays in black and white – but if a stranger enters the frame, the Strobe light activates and a built-in speaker produces a sound that adjusts to different scenes designed to deter illegal activity.

Thanks to this dual-light design, which equips both infrared technology and ColorHunter technology when triggered, these cameras can capture more detail to improve the accuracy of intelligent intrusion prevention at night in addition to the deterrent effect.

The built-in microphone and speaker facilitate remote conversation, which allows security personnel to monitor and control more areas with a camera – and it even supports custom language and voice so you can add your own sounds.

Overcoming common obstacles

Traditional security cameras can capture too much of the wrong information which makes reviewing security footage daunting and recovering details from often black and white, low-quality footage almost impossible. Traditional security cameras will trigger too many alerts caused by objects such as birds, dogs, falling leaves, wind, and other inanimate or unimportant objects. In addition to their lack of color images in dark environments, these traditional cameras are quickly becoming obsolete and are being replaced by cameras with low light technology like Uniview’s ColorHunter and Tri-Guard security cameras.

Our Top Picks

When it comes to ColorHunter-enabled Uniview security cameras, there are more and more options becoming available on the market daily – so here are our top 2 choices:

Uniview 8MP HD Light and Audible Warning Fixed Eyeball Network Camera – The IPC3618SB-ADF28(40)KMC-I0 is our top-of-the-line choice when it comes to low-light color security cameras. This dome camera offers 4K resolution, which will allow you to easily make out shapes, license plates, name tags, and other identifying factors. Due to the 4K resolution, you can easily digitally zoom after the footage has been recorded without losing much quality of the video image.


Uniview ColorHunter Eyeball CameraUniview 4MP HD ColorHunter Fixed Eyeball Network Camera – The IPC3634SE-ADF28(40)K-WL-I0 is our second-tier choice when it comes to low-light color security cameras. This dome camera offers half the resolution of its more expensive cousin above.  At 4MP, these cameras can make out most of the shapes, license plates, name tags, and other identifying factors that the 8MP camera can – at a cheaper price point. You will start to notice a loss of quality when you’re digitally zooming after the fact, but depending on where your cameras are placed, this may not be an important factor.


Additional Key Features

Both of these cameras are equipped with WDR, which stands for Wide Dynamic Range. This feature improves a camera’s image quality under high-contrast lighting conditions where both dimly and brightly lit areas are present in the field of view. This enables these cameras to capture details clearly in both poorly and strongly illuminated areas simultaneously. When combined with the ColorHunter technology discussed above, these cameras can be invaluable assets when it comes to the protection of your place of business.

Additionally, these cameras are also rated for IP67 protection. Water and dust resistance is defined by these cameras’ Ingress Protection (IP) numbers. The first number of the IP is for the device’s protection against solid objects like dust and sand – ranging from 0 (meaning no protection) to 6 (which means 100% protection) from dust and sand. The second number is for the device’s protection against liquids – ranging from 0 (No protection) to 8 (100% protection) when rain and other factors come into play. Specifically, IP67 protection allows protection from 100% of solid objects like dust and sand (IP67), plus protection against the effects of temporary immersion between 15cm and 1m of liquid (IP67).

These cameras also support H.265 digital encoding, which is a type of High-Efficiency Video Coding, that handles the compression demands of the latest high-resolution imaging formats like 4K that predecessors like H.264 cannot compress enough. To put it simply, this is the latest and greatest type of video coding that takes up significantly less space on your Network Video Recorder (NVR), saving you money on extra storage.

The Latest Uniview Cameras Installed by Camera Security Now

By now you may have decided that you’d like Uniview security cameras with ColorHunter technology installed at your business. But like most security cameras, these Tri-Guard and ColorHunter surveillance products aren’t built to be installed by consumers.

This is why we always recommend professional installation for reasons like proper placement, choosing the right cabling depending on the conditions and speed, and most importantly ensuring that all of the features are working properly and maximizing your field of view.

Security Consultant Johnny

Are you looking for security camera advice? Johnny can give you a free security consultation for your location. Even if you’re not sure what you need, our security technicians will walk you through what it takes to secure your business. No matter what kind of facility in which you’re requesting surveillance support, Johnny can assist you with all of your security needs!

If you have additional questions about Uniview security cameras, or if you’re looking for a different option, contact Johnny at Camera Security Now by calling 800-440-1662 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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