Good Morning, Barrow!

January 23, 2019
Barrow, Alaska

As the northernmost town in Alaska, Barrow is no stranger to the cold and dark. In fact, it’s been 67 days since the sun last touched the snowcapped town of Barrow, Alaska. This morning, though, Barrow residents will finally welcome the return of the sun. As dawn breaks over the town, we’re taking time to …

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Practical Uses for Facial Recognition Systems

January 20, 2019
Facial recognition via security cameras

More security camera systems than ever have facial recognition capabilities. Though the software as it exists now can be hit or miss (often influenced by factors like changing lighting, hairstyles, and eyeglasses), many companies are identifying practical uses for facial recognition systems in the event industry, workplace security, and law enforcement, just to name a …

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Preventing School Bullying Year-Round

January 18, 2019
Stop bullying in schools

Bullying is an issue at every school across the country. While October is officially Bullying Prevention Month, we know that school administrators and staff work year-round to protect students from bullying. Ensuring the safety of your school demands more than just paying attention to the language and behavior of students as they pass by staff …

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Reduce Inventory Shrinkage

January 16, 2019
Warning: Security cameras in use

Holiday inventory shrinkage may seem inevitable, but you can take steps to limit your exposure. With stores packed with customers and staff working hard to keep shelves stocked and manning checkout lanes, it can be hard to keep an eye on every item in your store and every person in your business. Between Black Friday …

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How Long Do You Need to Keep Video Recordings?

January 9, 2019
Network video recorder

Surveillance video storage requirements can vary widely across industries. For example, medical marijuana dispensaries in Ohio require 24/7 security video to be retained for a minimum of six months, and the footage must be made available to the licensing board upon request. However, the insurance industry standard is one-year retention for marijuana dispensaries. For most …

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