How to playback and download video with EZStation by Uniview

Do you already have all of your Uniview security cameras added to your EZStation software, but you’re having trouble playing back, recording, or downloading desired video footage?

If a camera technician set up your video management software for your business, you may be unfamiliar with how to playback, store, and access footage. If you haven’t already downloaded EZStation, here is a link to the download page.

EZ Station Download Video Tutorial

Are you looking for a quick video tutorial to show you all of the steps to playback, record, and download footage stored on your Uniview NVR? Camera Security Now has created a short, easy-to-follow video that shows you the step-by-step process for downloading security camera footage. The tutorial is embedded below.

About Uniview

Uniview specializes in surveillance equipment, including IP security cameras, network video recorders (NVR), access control, and more. A pioneer and leader in IP video surveillance, UNV security cameras are perfect for any sized facility. Uniview is the fourth largest video surveillance manufacturer in the global market and aims to build a safer world by providing professional, reliable, and cutting-edge products. 

Unlike other security manufacturers based in Asia, Uniview products are authorized for use by the US government and US government-funded contracts, as outlined by the 2019 National Defense Act. In fact, Uniview surveillance cameras are used in 145 countries worldwide.

An eco-friendly company, Uniview has strong awareness of protecting the environment. Founded in 2005, Uniview insists on being environmentally friendly during manufacturing and production.

Top in their class, Uniview was one of the first security companies to recognize and adopt ONVIF Standards. ONVIF’s mission is to provide and promote standardized interfaces for effective interoperability of IP-based physical security products. According to ONVIF, the benefits of open standards include:

Interoperability – meaning products from various manufacturers can be used in the same systems and communicate with the “same language.”

Flexibility – ensures end-users and integrators are not locked into proprietary solutions based on technology selections of individual manufacturers

Future-proof – standards ensure that no matter what happens to individual manufacturers, there will still be interoperable products on the market

Quality – when a product conforms to ONVIF standards, the market knows what to expect from the product.

EZ Station Quick Tutorial

If you’d rather skip the tutorial video, Camera Security Now has also outlined the video step-by-step below.

How to use the playback option on your EZStation control panel:

-Press the playback button, taking you to your Playback Directory.

-Select the plus (+) button next to your NVR to display all of your cameras

-Click the check box next to the desired camera and bring your mouse pointer down to the calendar on the bottom left of your screen to pick a specific date on which you’d like to review footage.

-If you would like to download a clip, select the download button on the bottom right of your screen, just above the slider and click on it.

-This will bring up a display box.  Go to the top left and select the “By Time” tab.

-Now you can select “Start time” and “End Time.”

-Select the time frame in which you’d like to download and click the download button at the bottom of your screen.
-To access downloaded footage, go to “File Explorer” and click on your Local C:// Drive. Then click on “Users,” then “Public,” then “EZ Station,” and lastly click “Record.” All of your recordings will be in this folder.

-Alternatively, another way to access your recordings folder is to open up your EZ Station Control panel. Then select “Task Management” at the bottom left of your screen and click on it to bring up a dialogue box, showing you all of the downloaded footage you have created.

EZStation is the unified video management software for Uniview’s IP cameras, NVRs, access control, and more.

Security Assistance with Camera Security Now

Do you need help selecting a Uniview security camera system? With over 20 years of experience in the surveillance camera industry, there is no better choice in surveillance providers. Uniview’s affordable, top-notch security products come highly recommended because of their ease-of-use, quality, and 15+ years of IP video surveillance manufacturing experience.

Do you need help configuring, setting up, storing, playing back, or downloading Uniview security footage via the EZStation video management software? If our tutorial didn’t contain enough information, our experienced surveillance experts will walk you through the process step-by-step.

Security Consultant Johnny

If you’re looking for any kind of advice concerning security cameras, Camera Security Now is just a phone call or fast online quote request away. Even if you’re not sure what kind of assistance you need, Camera Security Now will recommend security products and software that are just right for your unique location and business processes.

If you have any further questions about Uniview, EZ Station, or all things security-related, contact Johnny Beagle from Camera Security Now today at 800-440-1662 or fill out a fast, easy online quote form.

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