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When it comes to your security camera system, having an experienced and knowledgeable installer is as important as the cameras you choose to monitor your business, school, or city. While every project is different, there are some questions that every business leader should ask their installer before signing a contract. Here are 4 questions you should ask your security camera installer – and if they don’t know the answers right off the bat, it may be time to find a new installer.

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What kind of hard drives do you use?Network or Direct Attached Surveillance Storage

You can invest in the latest high-end IP network cameras with features like Pan-Tilt-Zoom and Fisheye lenses, but if your installer is using a sub par hard drive, you can face serious performance and lifespan problems. Make sure that you know what kind of hard drive your installer plans to use and that they are equipping you with the right tools for your project.

For surveillance recording, you must use surveillance-grade hard drives or better. While there are many options on the market, make sure that your installer is using correct hard drive(s) for your project to insure optimal performance and reliability. Some examples of surveillance grade hard drives are: Western Digital Purple, Seagate SkyHawk, and Toshiba S300.

The consequences of not using storage built for the security industry could mean losing important footage; as dedicated surveillance hard drives are more reliable, durable, and advanced than desktop hard drives. However, it is still important that you or your security installer makes sure your hard drive is compatible with your surveillance system.

Our security camera professionals work with you every step of the way to ensure that you have the right camera equipment and hard drives to power your system. Check out: Security with a Local Touch–to learn more about how we work with you to build the right security camera system for your project.

How are you going to weatherproof our connections?Weatherproof Security Cameras

Your security camera system is a significant investment for your company–and protecting the connections running to and from each of your cameras is essential to maintain your system for the long-term. Be sure that you understand the weatherproofing precautions your installer is using and what happens if they fail. 

IP rating of your cameras classifies the degree of protection offered by the camera’s housing. If your security cameras will be inside, it’s likely that you won’t need cameras with a high IP rating. However, if your cameras need to stand up to extreme weather conditions, you need cameras with higher IP ratings. Since outdoor cameras are likely to be exposed to moisture, wind, dust, and other debris, make sure that your installer is using cameras that are at least IP66 or better. To learn more, check out: The Mystery of Your Cameras IP Rating Solved

In addition to using cameras with an appropriate IP rating, the weatherproofing measures used by your installer to protect the connections for your outdoor cameras must be rated at least IP66. Electrical tape, non-weatherproofed boxes, or improperly sealed weatherproof boxes just won’t cut it in extreme conditions – and could lead to a critical failure in your security camera system. 

Your installer should stand by their work. If their installation or weatherproofing work fails, the cost of repairs or replacement isn’t covered by your camera’s manufacturer’s warranty. At Camera Security Now, we guarantee the work of our installers. If we install something improperly and it fails, we will come out and replace it at no additional cost. Does your installer offer the same guarantee–in writing? Read: Selecting the Right Security Camera Partner to learn more about our commitment to excellence in service and quality. 

What type of cable are you using?Wiring with CAT6

When you see a bridge being built, you hope that the construction company is using the highest quality cables available to ensure that the whole project doesn’t come crashing down later, right? The same is true of the network cables your installer uses. Without the right network cables, your system could experience failure faster than you’d imagine.

If your installer isn’t sure what kind of cables they’re using, then they’re probably using CCA, or Copper-Coated Aluminum Cables. CCA cables are a way for installers to save money on installation – and cost you more in the long run, frequently failing network certification tests. Your installer should use copper cable, which is far superior to copper-coated substitutes. 

If you’re going to pay an installer thousands of dollars to install your system and run network cable, you want to make sure that the cable they’re using will be sufficient for future generations of security cameras. For many of today’s most common surveillance applications, Cat5E is the standard. However, Cat6 is preferred for future-proofing your project. Our installation experts are confident that Cat6 cable is not only suitable for the current generation of cameras, but that it will continue to offer the high-speed data transfer rates necessary for the next generation of cameras when you’re ready to upgrade in 3, 5, or even 10 years. 

Are there any required monthly fees?

How many times have you heard a sales pitch that sounded too good to be true; and then you read the fine print only to find out the many pitfalls you didn’t anticipate. Make sure that your system is really your own before you sign on the dotted line.

Many installers will hold your surveillance system hostage, requiring you to sign up for a long-term contract that includes a monthly bill. When your contract ends or you opt-out of the monthly bill, you lost access to live viewing options, recordings, or both. With Camera Security Now, we never ask you to sign up for a monthly contract. Once you pay your initial installation bill with us, you have complete access to your feed and recordings–with no required monthly fees or threats to take your system offline. Check out: Delivering Quality Customer Service to learn more. 

Bonus: Can you provide service at another location?

Local and nationwide service map

Our nationwide network of technicians coordinates with our home office in southwest Ohio to provide security camera installation for schools, businesses, and municipalities in all 50 states. So whether you’re located in our local service area or need our nationwide service, our promise to you is to always exceed your expectations for customer service and professionalism. From our 15-minute guaranteed response on quote requests to our quick response time on phone calls and emails, our commitment to service has always been a top priority. When you need a partner you can trust, who is also a trusted partner in the community, look no further than Camera Security Now.

Our camera service and installation professionals deliver the security camera solutions that your organization needs, helping you ensure the security of your staff, visitors, and customers. To find out how easy it is to make your organization more secure, request a quote today.

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