Warehouse Security Checklist

Warehouses have a lot at stake — smuggling, theft, and terrorist activity all pose potential risks — and can threaten your business’ financial and legal well-being. This is why warehouse owners are usually known for their tight security practices.

Because warehouses are busy operations, day-to-day logistical issues can often take up a lot of time. However, it is crucial that warehouse staff and owners keep security in mind along with productivity. Follow these guidelines to stay ahead of security risks.

1. Access Control

When it comes to security in the warehouse, the first thing you want to control is who has access to the facility — and when they are granted access. In order to monitor this, you should implement a system with RFID-enabled ID cards for identification purposes for all staff and authorized visitors.

However, security shouldn’t start at your access control. Obviously, your perimeter needs to be secured with fencing and a staffed gatehouse. Vehicles should always be supervised and parked away from the cargo areas. Pickups and deliveries should only take place in designated areas with proper security measures — but we will get there.

2. Facility Cameras

An effective warehouse security plan relies heavily on the security technology which is put in place. Surveillance cameras covering all sides, possible entrances and exits — and more — are essential to the security of the warehouse. Surveillance feeds should have 24-hour maintenance, with at least 30-day storage of the footage.

360 degree pan tilt zoom camera in warehouse

To ensure that you are able to recognize individuals being recorded on your cameras, it is important to have your system installed by a team of professionals. Factors like camera placement, programming, and type of security camera are not as easy to determine as you might think. Thankfully, some security companies offer budget savers like free consultations and virtual site visits.

3. Security Training

Security, surveillance, and threat awareness are not a one-man job. In order to ensure the safety of your warehouse, it is necessary for all of your staff to understand their responsibilities when it comes to security. Communicating the importance of security checks to your staff is vital for the receiving, processing, storing, and sending processes.

The importance of warehouse security

Employees are much more likely to report threats if they understand why and exactly how to do so. Because even small threats could signal a potentially compromised shipment or develop into dangerous situations in the future. It goes without saying that regularly running drills for fires, alarms, and natural disasters are pivotal.

4. Cybersecurity

Now that you understand the importance of minimizing physical threats via proper security training and equipment, let’s talk about cybersecurity breaches. Protecting your warehouse’s data is especially important, due to the fact that most warehouses keep extensive logs of all activity in the facility. With records of shipments, transactions, drivers, and vehicles — a lot of information is at stake.

Passwords should always be changed every few months and control logs should also be examined regularly for suspicious activity. Any firewall access violations should be reviewed and confidential information should be stored with extra security. Sometimes it’s best to have an outside view of your cybersecurity plans.

5. Situational Awareness Software

In order to bridge the disconnect between alert and action, situational awareness software has been developed. This software can improve your ability to manage the growing number of threats that warehouses face.

Warehouse with lax security

Situational awareness platforms are designed to ensure that security threats are addressed quickly and effectively by tying together all relevant security assets and delivering relevant information to those in a position to act. That way warehouse employees, security staff, management, and even truckers can all receive the same information at a relevant time.

The Importance of Warehouse Security

Are your security procedures up-to-par at your warehouse? Safety audits are important to hold regularly as they can help identify any potential risks and take note of what may need improvement. Implementing these practices will improve your warehouse security moving forward — and can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Warehouse Surveillance from Camera Security Now

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