Why Does My Security Camera Flicker at Night?

Your business’ surveillance camera system is one of your most valuable security assets. When your system isn’t working properly, like when your security camera’s feed is flickering at night, finding the cause and fixing it quickly is important to protecting your workplace, equipment, and employee safety. Understanding the root cause of your security camera’s nighttime issues can help guide you to the right solution to your feed issues. Here are just a few of the common issues that can cause your security camera image to flicker at night.

Power issues

Like most equipment, loss of power or not getting enough power can cause performance issues for your security camera system. If you’re experiencing flickering images when reviewing your camera’s feed at night, your first check should be your power source.

Security cameras use infrared lights to allow the cameras to capture images in low-light conditions. If your cameras have a low battery, the infrared lights may not be getting enough power to operate properly. You should also check your power input to be sure that your system is on a dedicated power supply and not using a power splitter, which can lessen the amount of power being delivered to your cameras. Our technicians can help identify if your system is on a dedicated power supply and run new power to your cameras if not.

Changing light conditions

Proper lighting is a key component of a camera’s ability to capture a consistent image. At night, headlights and flashlights are more likely to be able to wreak havoc on your security camera system’s ability to produce a clear image.

Security cameras at night

Since nighttime cameras use infrared technology to produce high-resolution images in low light conditions, the interruption of headlights can sometimes cause flickering as the camera automatically adjusts from infrared to normal light to produce the image. Review your security camera footage to identify the times when your security cameras flicker most. If changing lighting conditions are the cause of your image flicker issues, adjusting the angle of your cameras or repositioning them to areas that are less directly exposed to oncoming headlights is a relatively quick and inexpensive solution. Read Why is My Security Footage Low Quality for more tips on improving your camera’s images.

Damaged connections or cables

If your outdoor security cameras are flickering at night, the problem may rest on damaged connections or cables. Damaged equipment can cause power issues and data transmission issues that lead to subpar image quality.

Check all of the connections running to your cameras for loose wires or wires that have been exposed to the elements. Exposed wires and cables quickly become corroded or otherwise damaged. We recommend that all outdoor connections be properly installed inside a weatherproof box to prevent damage from the elements. Any damaged connections or cables should be immediately replaced and a weatherproof box should be installed to prevent further damage to your security camera system.

Aging or faulty equipment

Let’s be honest. The older your security camera equipment is, the more likely it is to experience issues. If you’re experiencing issues with a brand new system, you may have bought defective equipment.

All security camera systems have a limited lifespan and, if yours has reached the end of the line, there’s very little you can do except replace it. If you’ve verified that cameras are getting enough power and the cables and connections aren’t damaged, it’s likely to start shopping for new cameras, a replacement switch, or a new video recorder. If you have a spare camera in your inventory that is working properly, you can use it to help confirm your diagnosis before purchasing a new system. Check out How to Get Funds Approved for a Security Camera System for helpful tips to help guide your expenditure request.

If your new system isn’t working, you should contact the manufacturer or installer for technical support and obtain return instructions. Nearly all manufacturers offer a warranty that covers faulty equipment that includes refunding your purchase price or providing replacement equipment within a set period of time.

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