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Camera Commentary Partners with, an Online distributor of DVR CCTV Camera Surveillance equipment uses the to supply local installation and service on their custom Geovision DVR Camera Security systems Nationwide. Related PostsReplacing Pelco Equipment with Geovision DVR Servers Corpus Christi- CCTV Installer Recognized Video Database of Crime ALCU backs move to prevent school cameras in Boulder County … Partners with Tech-Army.orgRead More »

New Security Camera Can See Through Clothes

Look for applications for airport security guards to skyrocket in the near future: a new technology will allow the wand wavers to see through people’s clothes. It’s to let them see if anyone is carrying a nuclear bomb in their pants, I guess. Related PostsCities requiring Business Security Cameras: Burglar Robs Security Camera Store Camera …

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Video Playback using Geovision codec

You need to have the geovision codec installed on the pc to view the AVI files using Windows Media player. Discuss this further on the tech-army forums. Related PostsCorporate Event Surveillance Server Rental CCTV DVR Card Only Option Security Cameras at Work C-Mount Security Cameras (CCTV) Security Cameras In Schools

IBM Camera Security could monitor Borders, Liscense Plates, Stores

A new High-tech digital-surveillance system from IBM Research analyzes video for shoplifters, intruders, or even a specific license plate number, is now ready for the mainstream market. The technology, called S3 (reminds me of PS2) has far-reaching possibilities for business, governements and individuals. From the store owner to the border security depart, The Smart Surveillance …

IBM Camera Security could monitor Borders, Liscense Plates, StoresRead More »